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Welcome to Day 10 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Woke up to some rain and wind and a little more wind.  It was a little cooler this morning so we didn't go for a walk or run.  We had breakfast on the lanai, then got showered up and ready to head to the market that is held at the community college on Saturdays.  We picked up some more fruit and some fixings to make a salad to take to Harold and Lil's for supper tonight (they had everyone over for some steaks).  As we were leaving the market we ran into Harold and Lil and chatted a bit before heading off to Costco.

At Costco we picked up a few things.  Randy had bought some shorts from Costco when we first arrived in Kauai.  He liked them so much - he bought 2 more pairs.  It helps when the shorts are only $17.  I picked up a pair of capri yoga pants in case we have some more cool evenings.  We ran into Harold and Lil at Costco as well.

Next we went across the street to wander around Kukui Grove Mall.  Earlier in our trip, we had found some special 'Aloha' hydroflasks that had variegated bright colours on it.  But when we went back, they were all sold out.  Doh!  The store we had seen them at had 2 other locations, but they were sold out there as well.  They gave us some suggestions on other stores that might carry the Aloha, so we headed to Kapaa (where the other stores were) to check it out.

We tried the suggested stores, but they didn't have any either.  We were starting to get hungry, so we went to a place called Sleeping Giant Grill.  I couldn't find a website, but did find their menu here.  The restaurant is in behind the Coconut Market Place, next to the Island on the Beach hotel.  The road leading behind the Coconut Market Place has a speed bump about every 30 meters, I had forgotten about speed bumps.  So We bumped along to the restaurant.

I ordered a Korean BBQ Chicken plate lunch, and Randy had the fish plate lunch (the fish of the day was ahi).  They were both pretty good, but I think Randy's ahi was the better dish.  We were both good and had the salad greens with our plate (instead of potato-macaroni salad).  Even with the greens, I was really full after eating most of my plate.

After lunch, we continued into Lihue and checked out one more place that might have the hydroflasks.  But they didn't have it either.  We then went Big Save to get some additional groceries, and got back to the room at 3:00pm.  The weather was unsettled, and we weren't sure what to do.  So, we ended up having some beer on the lanai while it was raining.

Around 5:00pm, we walked over to Harold and Lil's.  We had some drinks, were able to catch a bit of the sunset (in between the clouds), and watched a bride and groom getting pictures done on the rocks in front of the condo.  Harold barbecued up some delicious steaks, that we had with a salad, some corn and carrots, baked potatoes and bread.  For dessert, Ben and Kathy had brought some pie from The Right Slice.  They brought one macadamia pie and one coconut cream pie.  The pies were 'baby-sized' in that they were 8-inch pies.  But they were a great size for us in that we all could have a small piece of each pie. 

After the meal, we sat around chatting for a bit.  Around 8:30pm, I was starting to slip into a food (and drink)coma, so we said our goodbyes to Ben and Kathy (they were flying home the next day), and then walked back to our room.  About half an hour after we got back, there was a massive downpour - so it's a good thing we weren't caught in that!



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