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Welcome to Day 12 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017

This morning Randy decided to try going to a yoga class again.  This time he left the room at 5:30am (which made for a short sleep) and was able to get there in time.  The door in this unit isn't as loud as the other one, so I didn't hear him get up or leave.

I woke up to blustery weather again.  This unit doesn't have in-suite laundry like the other one, so I took a load of wash down to the laundry room when it opened at 8:00am.  Randy was able to get to the class in time, so he got back to the room around 9:15am.  He had stopped for a latte, and neither of us were that hungry for breakfast, so we decided to head into Lihue and do a bit of shopping (given the very overcast and rainy weather)

We went to Macy's where I paid off the charges I had put on my Macy's credit card earlier in the trip.  We picked up a couple more lids for our hydroflasks and went to Hilo Hatties to buy some calendars.  These calendars used to be 99 cents, then they went up to $1.99, and now they were $2.99.  Despite the shocking price, I did end up buying some. I think the calendars were 99 cents in 1998.

As we didn't have breakfast, we decided to go for an early lunch to Mark's Place.  We got there around 11:30am, and it was not that busy.  However, there were some people that came to pick up large orders to go (for their office, I presume?).  Randy ordered a combo plate with chicken cutlet and teriyaki beef (with mixed greens - our nutritionist will be so impressed).  I ordered a mini plate of Korean chicken.  It didn't take long for our food to be ready, and we took them outside to one of the picnic tables.  Even though there had been a bit of rain earlier in the morning, we were lucky in that we didn't have any rain while we were eating our meal outside.  The plate lunches were SO good, and really hit the spot.  If you are in the mood for comfort food, this is the place to go.  The best plate lunch place on Kauai.

After we were done our shopping, we headed back to the resort.  We were both feeling a little tired (since someone was up very early), so we lay down for a nap.  I conked out right away and slept for 2 hours.  It was a great nap.  Around 4:00pm, as it was still crappy weather outside, we pinged Harold and Lil and asked them if we wanted to to Kalapaki Joe's for Happy Hour.  They were onboard with that idea, so we picked them up a few minutes later.

Kalapaki Joe's has some food and drink specials during Happy Hour.  They have mai tais for $5, so we each ordered one.  They come out in a large frosted glass(more like large goblet), and they do not skimp on the booze.  They also have 25 cent wings (but for a maximum of 20 wings per table), and $1 shrimp tempura.  We ordered 20 wings, 8 shrimp tempura and some Nobu Poke Nachos.  These were tortilla chips topped with ahi poke, furikake, avocado, red onions, cucumber, mayonnaise and a teriyaki sauce.  It was really good.  We had ordered the perfect amount of food, as we were all full after that.

Once we were finished, we drove Randy's parents back to their place, we went went back to our room to have some more drinks (coconut rum and pineapple juice).  I was drunk before 6:00pm.  Vacation success !

On Kauai, there has been an explosion of the ring-necked (or rose-ringed) parakeet population.  As there are no natural predators on the island, there are huge swarms of parakeets on the island.  The parakeets will go out foraging during the day, but at sunset, they will go to specific spots to roost.  One of the spots is at our resort, and the Kuhio Shores across the street.  So, every day at sunset, a huge flock of birds will descend on the trees in this area.  And every morning at sunrise, the birds will fly away.  But while they are roosting, they make quite a mess, and any cars parked below any trees will be covered in bird poop.  It is quite a nuisance, and no one has come up with a good way of either scaring the birds away, or killing them.  I took a video of some of the birds coming in to roost.  There are hundreds of birds, and it takes about 20 minutes for all the birds to fly in.

Around 7:00pm, we decided to go to the Kukui'ula Shops down the road to walk around a bit.  We meandered through the shops, and ended up at Lapperts for some ice cream.  This time I got my own cone - coconut caramel macadamia nut.  Randy got the coconut macadamia nut fudge flavour again.  They were yummy.  Caramel and fudgy goodness.

We went into Longs Drugs and tried to get some more of the tea I like (to take home with us - and some coconut syrup, but alas foiled again), but they didn't have any.  So, we headed back to the room and just hung out for the rest of the night, as all the eating and drinking today made us tired.  Again, more Vacation Success !



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