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Welcome to Day 13 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Managed to sleep in until 7:30am.  It wasn't raining when we got up, but it was (very) overcast.  We had some breakfast, then decided to head west as the weather forecast was supposed to be better on that part of the island.

We drove out to Kekaha Beach.  It was a little cloudy, with just a slight breeze and it was nice and warm.  So, we decided to hang out at the beach.  We have never actually spent any time at this beach, as usually there is a very strong wind along this beach, and a person would get pelted with sand.  Also the waves are usually very high and there is no way I'd be venturing into those... if the sand doesn't tear your skin off, then the waves would crush you like bug.  However today, it was fairly calm seas and nearly flat.

We had brought our bathing suits with us, so we needed to change into them.  To our surprise, there wasn't any change rooms or permanent bathroom facilities.  There was just 2 port-a-potties, and they were quite smelly (let's just say they were a little on the 'full' side).  We quickly changed and headed out to the beach.  Based on the number of people around, I'm pretty sure we could have just changed in the car and no one would have even cared.

Kekaha Beach is a nice wide and long beach, and there are even some people that drive on the beach (mostly locals that are planning to do some fishing from the shore).  The weather was nice and warm, but the lifeguards had the red flags out, so a person had to be careful when going into the water.  We did have some entertainment in that 2 guys were driving a jeep down the beach and got stuck.  It looked like it was just a rear-wheel drive, and to try to get out of the sand, they would just gun it, which of course made them sink deeper.  It probably didn't help that one guy would stand there and watch, instead of helping to push the vehicle.  Then they seemed to have some sort of engine problems, as they kept lifting the hood and looking at the engine.  At one point, they both got out and rocked the vehicle back and forth to get it out of the ruts.  Progress!  But then instead of turning the wheel slightly to drive to the side of the ruts, they decided to back straight up, and into the same ruts they were in before.  Clearly these boys hadn't ever driven in snowy conditions.

We hung out at the beach for about an hour and a half.  When we left, the 2 guys were still stuck in the sand.  The funny thing is that there were about 5 locals sitting at picnic table about 30 feet away from these guys, but they just sat and watched them (like we did).  Help out or enjoy some entertainment... I'm with the local guys, let's watch a show !

We were getting hungry, so we drove back into Waimea for some lunch.  We ended up going to Ishihara Market to get some lunch from their deli.  I ordered one of the specials (deep fried salmon), and Randy got a lemon chicken plate lunch.  Of course, both meals were huge.  We took our meals across the street to a little park that had picnic tables.  As we sat down, some people at a nearby table started chatting a bit with us.  It was two couples, and one of the guys was determined to try to catch one of the chickens that were hanging around.  (spoiler:  he did not catch a chicken).  A little while later, they asked us if we were locals.  We said no.  They said, oh that's too bad as were hoping to find out where there were any cockfights.  That's a new one for us.  We confirmed that we did not know where they could find a cockfight.  Good Luck with that one !  Chicken catcher ! 

After lunch, we headed back towards Poipu.  As were driving through Lawai, we stopped at some small shops in this old warehouse called Warehouse 3540.  There are a few small shops set up inside, and there is a food truck outside.  Kind of a cool little place.  There was a local artist that was actually painting.  I chatted with her for a bit, always cool to chat with the person who actually makes the art.

We continued on to our room and showered up.  It wasn't as sunny in Poipu, but at least it wasn't raining.  We hadn't been to the nearby Spouting Horn yet on this trip, so we decided to go there and take some photos.  Randy also tried doing some time-lapse photography. 

After we were done there, we drove to Poipu Beach, where Randy tried some more time-lapse photography.  This time we were able to sit at a picnic table while the camera was taking the photos and do some people-watching.  There was also a monk seal that was cordoned off and having a nice little nap - with hordes of tourists running and yelling about.

It was getting close to sunset, so we headed back to the room and took the camera across the street.  Randy had tried doing a sunset time-lapse a few days ago, but we ended up getting rained out.  So, he wanted to try it again.  This time we had an umbrella with us in case it did rain.  It did end up sprinkling a bit, but we were able to get the time-lapse done.  There didn't end up being much of a sunset, as there were a number of clouds on the horizon.  Yup - the sunset was a bust !

After that, we went back to the room and had some drinks, while we were editing the photos we had taken during the day.  Around 7:30pm, we decided we better get something to eat, so we drove over to Poipu Shopping Village and went to Puka Dog for supper.  We both had a Polish Sausage with coconut relish and Aunty Lilikoi's mustard, and we shared a lemonade - So Good !.  After we were done, we went into the Whaler's market to see if they had the tea and coconut syrup we had been looking for.  They did!  So, we bought some and went back to the room.

We had a couple more drinks, and just chilled for the rest of the evning. 


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