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Welcome to Day 14 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We woke up to sunny skies!  Finally!  Since it was nice out, we went for a walk/run (I went for a walk, Randy went for a run).  Once we got back, we had one last breakfast on the lanai.  Today we were going to move to the Kauai Marriott for our last night in Kauai.  So, we invited Harold and Lil over to take whatever they wanted from our remaining food/booze.  We started to pack up most of our things for checking out later in the afternoon.

Around 11:00am, we packed up our beach stuff and headed over to the Sheraton Beach.  It was bright and sunny, and the waves were perfect for just playing around in the waves.  We ended up staying until about 1:30pm, when we figured we should get out of the sun and get something to eat.

We went back to the room to shower up, and then headed out for lunch.  We went back to the HoloHolo Grill as we liked it so much the other day.  When we got there, there was absolutely no one in the restaurant.  We were seated right away, but then we waited for quite a while for the waitress to come back to take our order.  It's not like there was anyone else they were busy serving or anything.  I could see the servers and they were having a gab-fest with the bartender.  I think I may have given one of them the stink-eye.

Randy checked us in on Yelp, and a coupon popped up saying that we could get a free appetizer of Fried Chicken Bites (with an island garlic sauce).  So, we ordered the free chicken bites, had the chicken papaya salad to share, and also shared a burger.  It took a while for the food to come out, but again, they split the salad into 2 plates for us.  They also cut the burger in half for us.  All the food was really good, the only issue was that the service was a bit on the slow side.  Instead of gabbing in plain sight, they took their gab fest around the corner... need an MOD (manager on duty).

It was after 3:00pm when we finished our meal, so we went back to the room and finished packing all our stuff and lugged it to the car.  We checked out, and left our storage box at reception to be picked up the next day.  We then headed into Lihue to check into the Marriott.

We drove up to the entrance and dropped off our luggage.  I stayed with the luggage while Randy went to park the car.  We then took the escalator down to the main lobby to check in.  It was around 4:30pm, which you would think would be prime check in time, but it took at least 20 minutes before we got our keys.  I think there was 2 people in line in front of Randy, but there was only 1 person working the front desk. Supposedly the second person working the front desk was on lunch break !  And wouldn't you know it, two minutes after I get to the desk the person comes off lunch break.

We finally got our room keys, and then had to lug our bags about a mile to our room (as we were on the far end of the resort).  Luckily we noticed a second parking lot right next to this building, so we won't have to lug our bags as far when we leave.

We quickly unpacked a few things, then had to leave to head over to our friends Pat and Mike's.  We were meeting up with them at their house to go out for some beer.  Harold and Lil were meeting us there as well.  Because it took us 10 minutes just to walk from our room to the parking lot, we were a few minutes late.  We went inside to say hi to some of the wee little kitties, and then walked over to Kauai Beer Company (which was about 6 blocks away).

This place brews its own beer right on the premises.  We all had a beer, and also ordered some food.  As we had a late lunch, we just ordered some fish tacos and a side of fries to share.  After having a nice visit over dinner/beer, we walked back to Pat and Mike's.  They invited us in, but Randy and I were tired after playing in the sun and waves, so we just headed back to the hotel.

Once we got back, we decided to head down to the hot tub for a soak.  Had some nice chats with some of the people in the hot tub, then came back up to the room.  I spent some time working on the journal and editing photos.  The internet connection was very annoying in that it seemed to disconnect if you weren't using it for a few minutes.  I mean, what is up with that?  I would be working on my journal, then go to look up something, and the internet connection was dropped.  So, I would have to disconnect and reconnect to the Marriott wifi.  Grrr.


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