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Welcome to Day 3 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

As I fell asleep at 9:00pm the night before, I ended up waking up at 6:00am. I tried to be quiet, but ended up waking Randy up as well. Grumble, grumble.

Once it was light out, Randy and I went for a walk along the ocean over to the Sheraton hotel.  After we got back we made ourselves some breakfast and enjoyed it on the lanai.  After breakfast, I spent WAY too long trying to get 3 photos I had taken on my iPhone copied over to the laptop.  In the past, I would just plug my phone into the laptop and it would treat the phone as just another drive.  For some reason, I was able to see all the photos that were on my iPhone, except for ones I had take in the last couple of weeks.  I tried googling to see how else I could get the photos across, and ended up using the Windows 10 Photo Companion application - which involved more steps than what was really necessary.  I just want to do a copy and paste, dammit!  Make it seamless !  Just make technology seamless.

We showered up and decided to check out a couple of craft fairs that were happening today.  First, we went to the one at the elementary school in Koloa.  The craft fair was held in the gym and had about 10 vendors.  I ended up buying some earrings and a Christmas ornament.  Next we went to Island Soap Company in Koloa to buy a bar of soap to use in our condo.  We were the only ones in the store, and probably drove the gal crazy as we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to decide which scent of soap we wanted. We finally came to a final decision (all for a $4 bar of soap), and continued wandering through the rest of the shops.

In behind the 'main' shops in Koloa, we came across a shop - called Under the Sea Gallery & Mermaid Boutique - that sold a lot of outdoor yard decorations.  We found a couple large pieces that were really nice.  The gal working said she would get some details about how big of a box the decorations would need - so that we could see if we could just take it with us as checked luggage or not.  She was going to pass the information onto the owner (who wasn't working today), and the owner would then get back to us with more details.

We then hopped in the car and headed back to Poipu Beach - where there was another craft fair.  This was quite a large fair - but we didn't end up seeing anything that we needed to buy.  Some dude was playing his recorded Christmas music WAY too loudly and this was not enticing me or Janet to want to hang around any longer than we had to. It was now after 11:30am, and we were starting to get hungry.  So we headed back to Koloa to pick up some food at the Koloa Fish Market. There was already a queue of people waiting to get take out (as that is the only thing they do)

One of the plate lunch specials was Shoyu Chicken, so we got one plate lunch, 6 slices of seared ahi tuna, and a coconut turnover.  We took our food down to Kukui'ula Harbor and at our lunch looking over the ocean. One of my absolutely favourite places to have lunch.  We were too full to go swimming right away, so we went to the Kukui'ula shops to wander around a bit.

We went to the Tori Richard store, where both Randy and myself have found some nice clothes before.  Randy tried on 3 shirts, and all 3 looked great on him.  So, he was done shopping for himself.  Meanwhile, I tried on about a dozen outfits and only ended up with 1 shirt and 1 dress that I liked.  We asked whether the store was going to have a Black Friday sale, and we were told that on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they will be handing out scratch cards with various discounts associated with it.  The gal was even nice enough to put our stuff on hold - so that we can just come in and get the discount on one of those days.

It was starting to cloud over, but there wasn't any rain - so we headed back to our room to put on our bathing suits and try our luck at the Sheraton beach again.  This time it was not raining when we arrived.  We set up our stuff on the beach and then spent about 45 minutes just hanging out in the water.  I looked behind us and noticed there were some dark clouds coming, and suggested that we maybe get out of the water and start to pack up our stuff.  So, we dried off and gathered our stuff.  On the walk to our car, it started to lightly rain.  By the time we got back to our resort, it was raining quite hard and the temperature had cooled down a lot.  Good timing on our part.

We showered off the salt and sand, and spent a couple hours indoor as the weather wasn't very nice.  I took this opportunity to catch up on the trip reviews for the flights we took to Kauai. 

We had plans to go out for supper with Randy's parents and Ben and Kathy.  We were invited over to Ben and Kathy's condo for drinks/snacks before our 7:00pm reservation at La Spezia.  The restaurant was very busy when we arrived, but since we had a reservation, we were seated right away.

I ordered veal scallopini - which came with fine, capellini pasta.  It was delicious.  Randy had spaghetti with spicy meatballs, which was also excellent.  We shared a bottle of red wine with the meal, and by the end of the meal, we were all too stuffed to have any dessert.

After we were done with dinner, we just went back to our condo.  I spent some time catching up on the travel journal, while Randy watched an old Star Trek Voyager episode on TV (there wasn't much to watch).  At 10:00pm, I was tired, so I headed off to bed.

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