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Welcome to Day 4 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Got up about 6:30am. There seem to be a lot of mosquitoes in our room as we have been waking up each morning with bites on our arms and legs.  We killed a few of the little buggers this morning, but I'm sure there are more.  In past trips to Hawaii, we haven't encountered many mosquitoes unless we were trekking through the woods or something.  I can't ever recall having any in our room.  I think I have more mosquito bites on me now than all my previous trips to Hawaii combined.  I know that there was heavy rain and flooding a couple weeks before we got here, so maybe there are just more mosquitoes than usual.  Don't know but they are pesky little thing.

Randy went for an early morning run, and we had breakfast when he got back.  We showered up, then headed to Longs Drugs to get some anti-itch cream.  We continued on to Poipu Shopping Village, where we went to Kauai Juice Co and bought a couple of juices to try.  We wandered around the shops for a bit, then took our juice back to our room to refrigerate. It was getting close to lunch time, so we went to Kukui'ula shops to get something to eat.  We ended up grabbing some poke bowls at the Dolphin Restaurant, as it has a small fish market where you can get raw fish to take home and cook, as well as a few lunch items.  This is a sister restaurant to the original in Hanalei, but the fish market of this restaurant doesn't have as extensive of a selection as the one in Hanalei.  We've tried to go to this restaurant a few times at night, but there is always a long wait to get in.  However, we were the only ones in the fish market section today.  The chef was the only one working, and he was quite chatty, so while he was making our poke bowls he was talking to us about where we are from and what we've been doing. 

We took our poke bowls back to Kukui'ula Harbour to eat.  Today it was quite windy, so we had to be vigilant to not let the picnic tablecloth or our food blow away.  There was also a cheeky little chicken that would hop right up on the table next to us looking for food.  So I gave him some red onion... it was devoured !

After lunch, we went back to the room to hang out until it was time to head off to our Napali Sunset Cruise with Holoholo charters (warning - the website link has video with sound that starts up automatically).  We were supposed to arrive at the port before 2:00pm, so we left at 1:15pm to give us lots of time (in case of traffic)  But, being a Sunday afternoon, the traffic was really light, so we were there in 20 minutes.  We checked in, and were told to wait in a shady courtyard until it was time to walk down to the boat.  As we were waiting, Ben noticed that right next to us was the Kauai Chocolate shop, which also sold ice cream.  He decided that some ice cream was in order, so he headed over there, followed by Harold and Randy.  The guys then brought us gals back some ice cream as well. 

So, we enjoyed our ice cream, and shortly afterwards Captain Drew came out to address the group.  Our tour was supposed to take us up past the Na Pali coast, but because there were 25 foot waves on the north shore, he explained that today the tour was going to be going south instead - where the water was calm.  Anyone that had their heart set on seeing the Na Pali coast could re-book to a later date where the weather would hopefully be better.  As we had done a couple of Na Pali cruises in the past, we were fine with the change in itinerary.  We were more than happy to be cruising somewhere nice and calm, as we have been on some rough cruises, and it is not fun.

Captain Drew then walked us down the road to the harbour, where we boarded the boat.  Emily and Jess were there to help us board the boat.  Once everyone was on board, Captain Drew did the typical safety drill, and we were soon off.  As this was sunset cruise (and not a snorkelling cruise), they started serving drinks pretty much immediately after we cast off.  You didn't even have to get up from your seat if you didn't want - as Emily and Jess would bring drinks right to you.  That works for me!

Right after getting out of the harbour, we came across some bottlenose dolphins that swam around us for a bit.  Then we continued to head south.  The sea was nice and calm, and it was a great day to be on the water.  We cruised all the way to Kipu Kai, which we had never seen before (as cruises don't typically go there).  It isn't as stunning as Na Pali, but it was quite beautiful.  We also went by some interesting cliffs that had lava 'chimneys' running through them.  "Chimneys" - Where the cooling lava cracks and lava pours down to form a different type of formation and creates an interesting look on the cliff side.

At the beginning of the cruise, some snacks were set out - (cheese, crackers, cold cuts, veggies and hummus).  Later on, they had a taco buffet set up - with grilled fish and kalua pork, along with guacamole, salsa, cheese and lettuce.  They were a little messy to eat, but were very tasty.  Then on the way back to the harbour, they came around with a choice of chocolate chip or ginger cookies. 

We stopped to view the sunset, and came across some spinner dolphins while the sun set.  Then it was off to the harbour, where our cruise ended.

Once back at the resort, we decided to go for a soak in the hot tub.  There is a button to press to turn on the jets.  There is a sign saying there is a 30 second delay, but we pushed it twice and nothing happened.  Then another couple joined us in the hot tub, and we explained how we couldn't get the jets working.  The husband (Kev) said that maybe we didn't push it hard enough.  He goes to push it, and breaks the button off.  Ha!  But, apparently Kev is pretty handy, and ended up fixing it and getting the bubbles working.  Go Kev!

After the hot tub, we watched a bit of TV, but were both tired, so went to bed early.

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