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Welcome to Day 5 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

Woke up at 6:30am and had a leisurely breakfast.  As it didn't look like rain in the forecast, we decided we would head over to the Sheraton beach to splash around in the waves for a bit.

Since we arrived, the weather had been a little on the cool side.  It would warm up to about 25 degrees C in the middle of the day, but in the evenings and mornings, it was around 18 degrees.  It was still overcast and a little cool when we arrived at the Sheraton at 9:15am.  There is a little parking lot at the Sheraton that is for people using the beach.  Normally this parking lot is packed, and a person is lucky if there is one spot available.  This morning, the lot was completely empty.  It was freaky ! I don't think we have ever seen the lot without any cars at all.  Randy pulled into a spot, and when I went to get out of the car, I noticed that he was parked way over the line.  So, I told him that he should really move the car, as you don't want to be the only car in a parking lot - and be parked like a douche. No Douche Bag zone here !  He agreed, and moved the car.

We set up our blanket and towels, and waited for the sun to come out from a big cloud before we headed into the water.  The water seemed a little chilly at first, but was fine once after you got used to it.  Today there were just some gentle waves, so it was very relaxing to just bob around in the water and let the current push you to and fro.

We ended staying until about 11:00am, and then headed back to our room to shower up.  On Mondays there is a farmer's market in Koloa at noon, so we headed over there to get some of the fixings to make Randy's famous pineapple salsa.  We arrived just after 12:00pm, and were lucky to find a spot to park.  The farmer's market used to be in this little area behind the baseball diamonds that you accessed via a path from the parking lot.  But apparently now they actually have the vendors set up in half of the parking lot - which drastically cuts down on the available parking.  But you don't have to wander for half a kilometer to get to the market now.

We wandered around the (busy) market and got a few of our supplies.  Then we headed into Lihue, to have some lunch.  We went to one of our favourite restaurants - Garden Isle Barbecue.  We were in the mood for some comfort food, so I ordered some orange chicken, and Randy had a combo with lemon chicken and mahi mahi.  Last time we were in Kauai, I had the orange chicken, and was rather disappointed.  This time it was better - but it wasn't as good as it used to be before.  I'm not sure what change they made to the recipe, but now it's just average tasting.  Randy's meal was better - the lemon chicken sauce was as good as I remember, and the mahi mahi was cooked perfectly.  Along with some fried rice, and it was fab as always.

After we stuffed ourselves, we went to Macy's to check out some clothes.  I managed to find 2 new tops.  We wandered around the Kukui Grove shopping centre for a bit, then went to Safeway to get some things we couldn't find at the farmer's market.  Once we got back to the room, we were both quite tired (maybe from all that swimming), and decided to lie down for a nap.  I must've been tired, as I totally crashed for an hour.

When we got up, Randy prepped the ingredients for his pineapple salsa, and then went down to the barbecue area to grill them up.  As I was down at th BBQ area, which is beside the pool area.  The pool for the Alii building is a "quiet pool", basically meaning that kids should use the other 2 pools in the complex.  There were a boat load of kids and of course, the pool area was far from "Quiet".  I then helped Randy cut up the grilled veggies and pineapple for the salsa.

When we finished, it was almost time for the sun to set, so we hurried (I didn't hurry, I was ready and even mixed us some fantastic drinks to have as we watched the sunset) across the road to catch it (I put on one of the new shirts I bought).  A person used to be able to stand or sit on the lawn of the Beach House restaurant to watch the sunset, but since we were here last, they put up a rope fence to keep the non-patrons of the restaurant from using the lawn (Beach House Restaurant, that's lame !).  But, we were able to find a spot on the seawall to sit and enjoy the setting sun - and have those fantastic drinks I made.

We came back to the room to finish our (fantastic) drinks.  However, we happen to have some loud neighbours below us this time, and they were obviously watching a football game and yelling and screaming at their TV.  So, around 7:00pm, we left to get a bite to eat.

As Randy was going to be leaving at 5:00am the next morning for a fishing trip, we went to Starbucks to get him a breakfast sandwich that he could heat up for a quick breakfast.  Then we went to Kukui'ula shops to get some food.  We ended up eating at Gourmet Pizza and Burgers by Merriman's.  We were still quite full from lunch, so we just shared the kalua pig and pineapple pizza.  It was okay, but a little on the greasy side.  Randy decided that the best thing to cut grease would be to go for some ice cream.  So, we walked over to Lappert's where we shared a coconut fudge macadamia nut ice cream waffle cone (it definitely helped cut the greasy pizza).  We ate our ice cream as we wandered around the shops, then headed back to our place.

We got back at around 8:30pm, and since Randy had to get up early the next day, we had an early night. 

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