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Welcome to Day 6 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Randy got up at 4:30am as he had to be in Kapaa at 6:00am for a fishing trip (who sets an alarm on their vacation??).  I didn't hear him get up or get ready, but I did hear the door when he left at 5:00am (it is quite a noisy door).  I tried to get back to sleep, but wasn't able to, so got up around 6:30am.  I showered up, then headed over to Starbucks to get a hot chocolate.  I hung out in the condo, tidying up a bit as we were going to be having guests later.

The Captain of the boat (Terry), wanted us to leave earlier as he said the tides are such that he won't be able to get out of the harbour if we don't leave early.  In other times that we have gone out the departure time is 6:30 so really this isn't much different.  One we were past the breakwater, it was more or less the same as last time, he drops the lines and off we go.  Terry was commenting on how he took a private charter the day before and how they reeled in 16 fish.  He was hopeful it would be the same.  2 hours in, still nothing.  Terry had gone to his usual spot and nothing.  At about the 2.5 hour mark is when we had our first fish.  I was the lucky one that got to reel it in, and it was a little Mahi Mahi.  There were a total of 3 fish we landed and one that got away.  Terry said he saw the one that we missed and it was a spearfish (Marlin like, but skinnier).  After about 4.5 hrs on the water we came in with our "big" haul.  It was disappointing, but we were able to catch a couple of fish, and enough for dinner.

At 9:30am, I picked up Lil and headed to Koloa to get some fixings for the fish supper.  I got some cooked rice from the Koloa Fish Market, along with some wasabi cream sauce.  I also picked up a poke bento and a coconut turnover to have for lunch when Randy got back.  We also stopped at the Living Foods Market at Kukui'ula shops to pick up some salads to have with the meal.

I came back to the room and just hung out until Randy got back from the fishing trip.  There trip wasn't as successful as in the past, but they did manage to catch 3 mahi mahi, so we did have enough for the fish feed later.  We had our lunch on the lanai, then spent about an hour cutting the skin off the fish and deboning it.  Once the fish was all prepped, we lay down for a bit of a nap.  A nap that was needed after being up @ 4.30am

Our guests were arriving at 5:00pm, so around 4:00pm, we started getting things organized.  As we hadn't heard from that place with the garden ornaments, Randy decided to pop over to the shop and see what the scoop was.  He found out that basically no one had looked into whether the ornaments could be boxed up, and if so, what dimensions they would be.  But, apparently someone was going to look into it now (time will tell if that actually happens).

Randy was back in lots of time before our guests arrived.  Harold, Lil, Ben and Kathy showed up just after 5:00pm.  Pat and Mike let us know that they were going to be a little late as they had a bank issue to resolve before they could leave.  Around 5:30pm, Randy headed down to grill the fish, as he didn't want to be grilling in the dark.  Also, there is a huge flock of birds that fly in and nest in the tree above the barbecues just after dark, and he didn't want to risk getting pooped on.  I went down with Randy, as we were going to use the same container to bring the cooked fish back to the room - so I was going to take it back to the room to wash it first.  We went to use one barbecue, and when we opened it, there was a little gecko sitting on the grill.  Not a good idea, buddy!  We chased it off the grill, so hopefully he got somewhere safe.  We didn't end up using that grill after all - as someone had just finished on another barbecue which was already warmed up - so we used that one instead.

Just as Randy brought the cooked fish back up to the room, we heard from Pat and Mike.  Apparently they were stuck in traffic trying to leave Lihue.  They hadn't moved in 45 minutes, so they figured that there was an accident blocking the highway.  As they didn't know how long the traffic would be backed up, they ended up turning around and heading home.  Which is too bad, as we had a pretty fabulous meal.  Randy cooked the mahi mahi perfectly, and we had a bunch of different side dishes to go with it. We weren't able to enjoy the delicious carrot cake that Pat was bringing with her, but we were actually too stuffed to eat much dessert anyway.  Luckily, we were going to be seeing the both of them in 2 days, as we were invited over to their place for a Thanksgiving meal.

As the guys had been up early to go fishing, everyone left well before 8:00pm.  Randy and I tidied up, and then watched Princess Bride on TV.

Inconceivable !




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