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Welcome to Day 8 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017

We got up around 6:30 am and started packing some of our stuff, as we had to move to a different unit today.  A person has to check out by 11:00am, and the normal check in is at 4:00pm (although they will let you check in earlier if your room is ready).  The resort offers a service (for $20) where they will move your belongings (including food) to your new room.  If all a person had was suitcases, you could store them in a secured luggage room for free.  But if you have a bunch of groceries (like we had), then it is very handy to have them move the food for you.  All your clothes and stuff have to be packed up, and your groceries need to be in bags.  But, it saves you from lugging it yourself. ie: packing it into the car, etc

After packing for a bit, we decided to head out for some exercise as it was actually quite nice out.  Randy went for a run, and I went for a walk to Kukui'ula harbour, I went to Poipu beach.  I got back just a few minutes after Randy did, and we then had breakfast.  After breakfast, we cleaned up and packed away the food and kitchen stuff we wanted to move. 

Once everything was packed up, we decided to go to the beach while we were waiting for our room to be ready.  We went to reception and checked out of our current room. They had put a priority on cleaning our new room - so we were hopeful that we would get in before 4:00pm.  We were invited over to our friends Pat and Mike's for a Thanksgiving meal at 3:30pm, so to be on the safe side, we also booked a time to use the shower in the fitness centre at 2:00pm.  That way we could at least make ourselves presentable if our room wasn't ready in time.

We decided to head to Salt Pond Beach, which is about a half an hour away.  We arrived around 11:00am.  All the picnic pavilions were full of families that looked like they were set to spend the entire day there.  There was one area near the bathrooms with a large group, and with a huge amount of steam trays containing some amazing smelling food.  Unfortunately, they did not invite us to come join them. Apparently we didn't look local enough.  There was another picnic site that we could see and we saw a whole turkey going onto the BBQ !  Yup, when in Hawaii !  Cook like a Hawaiian.

It was quite windy at the beach.  We had to make sure we had everything battened down, otherwise it would blow away.  As we were sitting there, we had a plastic bag, a styrofoam cup, and a kid's homework go flying past us.  Further down the beach we also saw a towel blow down the sand and into the water.

There were a few clouds, but for the most part it was nice and sunny.  We mostly just relaxed on the beach and splashed around in the water.  Randy even decided to do a handstand (twice) in the waves - and it was the one time I didn't take a camera with me into the water.  Around 12:30pm, we figured we had enough sun, so we packed up and headed back to Poipu.  We were starting to get hungry, so we stopped at the Living Fresh store in Kukui'ula shops to get a light bite to eat.  We ended up sharing a sesame chicken salad and a roast beef wrap.  There were tables to sit and eat at outside the grocery store, and we found a nice sunny spot overlooking some of the shops.  Even though the food store was crazy busy, there weren't a lot of people wandering around the shops themselves.  Perhaps they were all waiting for Black Friday the next day.  And most of the stores were closed.

We went back to the resort to check if our room was ready.  We were told it wasn't, so we asked for a card to access the pools - to hang out there while we waited.  We went to the Coral pool (the pool closest to our new unit).  This pool used to be a heated pool, but it definitely wasn't heated today.  We had been splashing our legs in the pool for about 15 minutes, when I checked the phone for messages.  We found out that our room was ready, so I headed over to reception to get the new room keys, while Randy grabbed some stuff from our car and then met me at the new room.  All our other stuff had been transported to the room, so we spent the next half hour unpacking and putting things away.

We jumped in the shower to rinse off the salt and sand, and got ready to head to Pat and Mike's.  We picked up Ben and Kathy and arrived at Pat and Mike's around 3:30pm.  We spent the next couple of hours eating, drinking, eating some more, drinking some more, and finally having some of the 3 desserts Pat made.  Pat is an excellent cook, and she put on a fabulous meal.  Pat and Mike are also fostering 10 little kittens right now (in addition to their own 5 cats), and everyone had fun with the cute little kitties.  Around 8:30pm, the turkey was starting to make me tired, so we bid adieu and went back to our room to digest all the delicious food.

We watched a bit of TV, but we were pretty tired and went to bed not long after that.


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