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Welcome to Day 1 of Janet and Randy's London Trip 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our flight to London was an evening flight.  So, I left work early to finish packing up and then we picked up Mom and headed to the airport.

Mom is always nervous going through security, but this time she wasn't swabbed down for explosives or anything, and we went through without any issues. We went to the Maple Leaf Lounge to have a light snack to tide us over until our flight.  Randy is not used to getting to the airport this far in advance of the flight, so wasn't thrilled to be waiting around for this length of time (being at the airport all the time has definitely lost its lustre).  It didn't help that our flight ended up being delayed for close to an hour.

Mom in business class to LondonWe went down to the gate at the regular boarding time anyway, and and stood near the gate.  We were going to be on a plane for the next 9 hours, so a little standing wouldn't hurt us.  Chatted with the Concierge at the gate too.

Finally it was time to board.  I got Mom settled into her seat, and shortly thereafter the flight attendant came around with some champagne.  I was all over that.  We left the gate around 9:00pm, and headed off across the pond.

After take-off, the flight attendant came around with drinks and took our orders for dinner and breakfast.  All 3 of us went for the beef tenderloin.  As Mr. Super Elite Million Miler, she took Randy's order first, and then he mentioned that Mom and I were travelling with him, so she took our orders next.  Which was good, as we heard that some other people couldn't get the beef as there wasn't any more beef meals left.  The perks of travelling with a frequent flyer!  Should be getting some benefit for having my ass in the seat for that length of time/distance.

We started with some warm nuts and champagne.  Then we were served a seared ahi and shrimp appetizer (which was really good), along with a salad and some bread. Next was the beef tenderloin, which was quite tasty.  A cart came by with cheese, grapes and port (I passed on the port), and finally there was a dessert tray.  I went with the sticky toffee pudding.

After the meal, I was very full and quite sleepy, so I stretched out sleep a bit before arriving in London.  Time for some ZZZ's


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