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Welcome to Day 2 of Janet and Randy's London Trip 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I managed to get a couple hours of sleep and woke up shortly before they started the breakfast service.  Before taking off, we had to fill out a card specifying what we wanted for breakfast.  We could select from a number of different items.  I got the fruit plate, a croissant, oatmeal and some tea.  I was still full from the dinner meal, so didn't eat all my breakfast.

When we got to Heathrow, we had to circle for a bit before landing. Circling for a bit was actually interesting as we got to fly past Heathrow airport, and past the London Eye, Big Ben and the Palace of Westminister. Then once we pulled up to the gate, the person supposed to run the jetway wasn't there, so we waited a good 20 minutes before we could actually get off the plane.  Then it was a long walk from the gate to Customs.  Because we were in Business Class, we got to use the Fast Pass lane, which went much quicker than the regular line (we think it went much quicker, but was still a fairly long wait).  Once past customs, all of our luggage was out and we grabbed it straight away and headed out of the customs hall.

Our flat in LondonAfter getting out of Customs, we were supposed to be met by a driver to take us to our flat.  I searched around looking for someone holding up my name - but didn't see anyone.  Finally we thought we would try to phone the number that was given us - but Randy couldn't seem to get the call to go through on his cell phone.  He went off to try to find a pay phone, and that's when he finally found our driver.  Thanks goodness because I didn't want to have to find change for the payphone !  or a payphone for that matter.

The drive from Heathrow to our flat in Kensington was about 40 minutes.  Our drivers performance was less than stellar, and it also reassured me that I definitely don't want to be attempt driving in London.  At the flat we were met by another gal to show us around.  The flat was very spacious, so it will be more than comfortable for us to stay in.

We unpacked, and then tried to have a bit of a nap.  Randy was able to fall asleep, but I wasn't.  Around 4:00pm Randy and I walked to Kings Road - where we got a SIM card for our phones.  We stopped at a Starbucks for a drink and watched people and traffic go by.

Then it was back to the flat to pick mom up and go get some supper.  We walked to a nearby street that had a number of restaurants.  We went to Kensington Creperie, which served crepes (surprising, I know).  Randy ordered the Italian, I got the Oaked Salmon, and Mom got the Mona Liza.  All three were quite tasty.  We dropped Mom off at the flat, and then the two of us went to a nearby Marks & Spencer to pick up a few groceries for the flat.

Then I spent the rest of the evening just catching up on my journal before finally going to bed just after 9:00pm.


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