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Welcome to Day 4 of Janet and Randy's London Trip 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The jet lag caught up with me and even thought I went to bed at 10:00pm, I woke up at 3:00am and couldn't get back to sleep.  Great.  Finally got out of bed at 7:00am and was surprised that my mom wasn't up yet.  Normally she is up at the crack of dawn.  Randy went out for a run (around Hyde Park), and when he got back at 8:30, she was still sleeping.  I even poked my head in her room to see if she was still breathing (she was).  Finally at 9:00am I went in and woke her up as we had plans for the day.  She was very surprised that she had slept in so late.  Apparently Randy and I wore her out the day before.

Randy with Big BenSo, we got going around 10:00am and headed back to the hop on hop off bus.  We caught the Blue line to Marble Arch and then switched to the Red line to get to Westminster Pier quicker.  Our 48-hour hop on hop off ticket gave us a free round trip cruise to Greenwich, so we were going to catch it there.

We had to get off at the London Eye stop and walk across Westminster Bridge.  The bridge was super crowded because every 5 feet there was someone trying to con tourists with the ball and cup game.  Seriously, how can people still fall for that?  What's more surprising is why it's even allowed.  Anyway, we made it to the pier just in time to catch the cruise.

The upper deck of the boat was full, so we sat inside for the cruise to Tower Pier, at which time 90% of the people got off.  So, we then moved up top for the rest of the journey to Greenwich.  There was live commentary on the boat, and it was quite informative/funny.

We arrived in Greenwich around 1:00pm.  We were all ready for lunch, so we ended up going to Gourmet Burger Kitchen.  We each had a burger, and we ordered onion rings, chunky fries, and rosemary skinny fries.  The burgers were really good and so we finished them off rather quickly.

On the river cruiseAfter lunch, we wandered through the Royal Naval Academy gardens and went into the Greenwich Maritime Museum.  It was getting close to 3:00pm, so we thought we better make our way back.  We managed to just catch the 3:00pm cruise back to Westminster Pier.  It also stopped at Tower Pier, so we didn't make it to Westminster until 4:30pm.  There was a Big Bus stop right outside the pier, and we were able to catch a Blue bus right away.  What luck, we thought.  But not so lucky, as it turned out.

The Blue line bus was supposed to take us back to the Museums near our flat.  However, when we got to Marble Arch, we were told to get off the one bus and get on another one.  Okay - we did.  But then instead of continuing on to route for the Museums, it started the route all over again!  WTF??  If we stayed on the bus, we wouldn't be home for hours (or would get stranded somewhere once it stopped running for the day).  We were not impressed.  We ended up getting off at Trafalgar Square and catching a cab back to our place (which took about 10 minutes).  We didn't get in the door until 6:00pm.  Good thing we are finished with our 48-hour ticket, as I wouldn't want to bother getting back on that bus again anytime soon.

We relaxed a bit, and then Randy and I headed out to get some supper.  Mom wanted to just stay back and have a sandwich and salad for supper.  We walked over to South Kensington Station to check out the nearby restaurants.  Randy had read some good reviews about a place called Wasabi, so we decided to go there.  They have sushi as well as hot dishes - but they are already prepared and ready to just pick up and go (or stay to eat there).  We got a sweet chili chicken bowl and some assorted sushi to share.  Both were pretty decent, and reasonably priced.  I would definitely go back. It was definitely more of a young adult type of place, and without fail there was a much younger crowd in the place.  It was interesting overhearing their conversations and the prolific use of "fuck" in their conversations.

Across the street was a place called Ben's Cookies.  Randy had read that these cookies were really good - so we were planning to pick up some cookies after we were finished eating.  However, just before we were done eating, we looked over and they were closed up.  D'oh!! (Fuck!) Oh well, I guess we will have to go back and try them another day.

Walked back to the flat in the rain and just took it easy for the rest of the night.


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