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Welcome to Day 9 of Janet and Randy's London Trip 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

After a long day of walking yesterday, we just took it easy this morning.  Dennis got up and left the flat early as he was going to Cambridge to do a client visit today. 

Victoria and Albert museum statuesWe had some breakfast, then the 3 of us headed to the nearby Victoria and Albert Museum.  This museum has an incredible collection of not only artwork, but furniture, jewelry, ironwork and glassware.  As it is a huge museum, we just picked a few different areas to go check out, otherwise we would end up being there all day. Note: we/I do not read every single placard for every single piece.  I'm just not that much of a museum geek. 

We wandered around rooms full of huge statues - including a cast replica of the statue of David, which was a gift to Queen Victoria.  We picked a few other sections that had Asian, clothing, jewelry and glass exhibits.  After a couple of hours in museum, we started to get hungry, so we headed over to South Kensington station to find a place to eat.  The beauty of the museums is that entrance is free.  Yes, they would like you to donate, but that is purely optional.  So if you are there for an hour and feel like leaving, there isn't the same obligation if you had paid for it.

We ended up at Love's, where we all had some pasta for lunch.  Randy and I had ravioli, and Mom had gnocchi.  Each table had a tablet at it where you could just enter your order, and the waiter would bring the food/drinks to the table.  On the tablet, it stated that if you had the waiter take your order, they would add another 10% surcharge.  But if you ordered on the tablet, you didn't get this surcharge.  Which didn't make a whole lot of sense as the waiter still brought your food and drinks to the table, so all this was saving was him writing down the order and taking it to the kitchen (which was literally 3 feet away).  Oh well.  Most of the time the servers are just standing around anyway.  Seemed very strange, but an interesting model none the less.

Anyway, we got our order placed, and our pasta arrived shortly afterwards.  It was hot and tasty, and warmed our bellies on a cool day.  After lunch, we wandered to some nearby souvenir shops, then just relaxed in the flat for the rest of the afternoon.

View from Aqua ShardRandy and I had plans to meet up with our friends Ginette and Evan for supper, so we left the flat before Dennis got back from Cambridge.  We took the tube out to Canary Wharf where Ginette worked, so she could show us the view from her office.  We met up with Evan there, and after checking out the view (which was stunning), we went to a nearby pub for drinks.  Then we took the tube to the Shard building, where we had reservations for 8:00pm at Aqua Shard restaurant.  This is a very nice restaurant on the 31st floor of the Shard that has amazing views of London.  We had a delicious meal with 3 bottles of excellent wine.  After dinner, we went up two levels to Hutong to have some cocktails in the bar.  Again, there was amazing views from the bar.

We finally stumbled out at 11:30pm and said our goodbyes to our friends before grabbing the tube back to our flat.  Along the street home we had a few laughing attacks and had to stop for a while.  I'm sure that the residents were pleased about that :)  We didn't get in until after midnight.  But it was a good Great way to end our trip to London.


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