London 2015

P1000235  Take-off champagne (and juice for Mom) P1000236  Cheers! LHR dinner  Dinner served on flight to London P1000252  Breakfast before arriving in London
P1000259  View of London Eye from plane P1000362  Our flat we rented in South Kensington P1000263  Huge living area P1000264  Kitchen
P1000261  Master bedroom with door out to private garden DSC 6867  Private back garden only for residence use P1000266  Hanging out on Kings Road P1000268  Having supper at Kensington Crepes
P1000269  A smoked salmon, brocolli and potato crepe at Kensington Crepes DSC 6708  Churchill Arms pub P1000285  Trafalgar Square P1000283  Outside of Canada House (the Canadian Embassy at Trafalgar Square)
DSC 6753  The London Eye DSC 6762  St. Paul's Cathedral DSC 6770  Tower of London DSC 6773  Driving across Tower Bridge
DSC 6785  Tower Bridge P1000329  Mom and Janet on Tower Bridge DSC 6807  Tower of London DSC 6808  Tower of London
DSC 6836  Big Ben Palace of Westminister  Westminster Palace P1000347  Randy with Westminster Palace P1000361  Harrods
P1000363  Harrods Food Hall P1000364  Harrods Food Hall P1000365  Harrods Food Hall P1000369  Harrods Chrismas Shop
P1000370  Mom at Harrods DSC 6868  Underground sign DSC 6880  Janet and Mom on Westminster Bridge P1000375  Cruising the Thames River
DSC 6900  London skyline from river cruise DSC 6917  Tall ships at Greenwich GBK lunch DSC 6923  Royal Naval Academy in Greenwich
DSC 6925  Tall ship sailing the Thames DSC 6928  Gates at Royal Naval Academy DSC 6929  National Maritime Museum in Greenwich DSC 6931  Randy with an anchor at the Maritime Museum
DSC 6934  Prince Frederick's Barge at Martime Museaum DSC 6940  Hanging with the other figureheads P1000394  Cutty Sark ship at Greenwich P1000409  Having lunch at the Garrick Arms pub
P1000408  Garrick Arms Pub P1000410  Fish & Chips (with mushy peas) for Randy, Pulled Pork Wrap for Janet at Garrick Arms P1000417  View of London Eye from Trafalgar Square P1000441  Buckingham Palace
P1000435  In front of Buckingham Palace P1000431  Guard at Buckingham P1000455  The George pub - where Shakespeare once drank P1000458  Our friend Ginette with us at the George
P1000460  Supper in Chinatown with Ginette at Oversea Oversea dinner  Having a fabulous meal including crispy duck.  Yum! P1000471  Windsor Castle P1000474  Windsor Castle
P1000481  Us at Windsor Castle P1000489  Windsor Castle P1000490  Lunch at the Duchess of Cambridge pub in Windsor P1000494  Christ Church College at Oxford
P1000499  Christ Church College dining hall P1000502  Table where headmasters sit in dining hall P1000514  The reading room at Oxford P1000524  Woodhenge - with stone markers where wood ones used to be
DSC 7034  Stonehenge DSC 6951  Dennis and Mom at Stonehenge P1000546  Inside the stone circle at Stonehenge DSC 6970  Inside the stone circle
DSC 6977  You are not allowed to touch the stones DSC 6988  Us inside the stone circle at Stonehenge DSC 7055  Stonehenge sunset DSC 7087  Mom and Dennis on the London Eye
DSC 7095  Inside the London Eye DSC 7116  London Eye DSC 7119  London Eye P1000568  London Eye
P1000578  Janet and Randy on London Eye London Eye  Official London Eye picture P1000588  Having lunch at Wagamama P1000598  Dennis and Mom on Golden Jubilee Bridge
P1000608  Memorial to Princess Diana & Dodi Fayed at Harrods P1000609  Egyptian elevator at Harrods DSC 7156  Science Museum in London DSC 7162  Apollo Command Module
DSC 7173  Distribution of Bland population in Britain DSC 7175  Dennis and Randy wandering around Science Museum DSC 7184  Old IBM 360 computer P1000613  Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie
P1000612  Having prosecco with our Afternoon Tea P1000616  Mom and Dennis ready for Buckingham Palace Tour P1000617  Palace Exclusive Tour P1000627  Dennis and Mom having champagne in the garden at Buckingham Palace
P1000628  Randy and Janet at end of Buckingham Palace tour P1000633  Leaving Buckingham Palace by golf buggy P1000636  Leaving Buckingham Palace tour Muriel Kitchen dinner  Supper at Muriel's Kitchen after a long day
DSC 7203  Glass chandelier at Victoria & Albert Museum DSC 7195  Replica of Statue of David - Victoria & Albert Museum DSC 7206  Glass railings - Victori & Albert Museum DSC 7211  Glass scuplture - Victoria & Albert Museum
P1000644  Ordering tablet at Love's pizza & pasta Loves lunch  Our lunch at Love's - ravioli and gnocchi P1000647  View of London from Ginette's office in Canary Wharf P1000655  View of Tower Bridge from Aqua Shard
P1000680  Lavish cocktails at Hutong in the Shard P1000687  Waiting for our flight home in the Maple Leaf Lounge at Heathrow