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Welcome to Day 1 of Janet and Randy's Maui Adventure 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Woke up to sunny, but cool (for summer) weather.  Time to head somewhere a little warmer!

Ready to start our vacationHad a leisurely morning, then headed to the airport for our 1:30pm flight.  It had been a while since we had flown on a Saturday, and the airport wasn't very busy at all.  We were behind a clueless woman at security (I'd say that too, but I had Janet in front of me - my life might be dramtically shorter if I...), but after that - it was pretty much smooth sailing.  We went into the Maple Leaf lounge and there was hardly anyone on there.  Had some soup and snacks, then headed to our gate.

On the flight to Vancouver, we were served a chicken skewer snack - which was tasty.  We arrived into Vancouver early, and had lots of time to make our way through U.S. customs. Randy was playing with our new GoPro camera, and took the this time-lapse video of our landing at Vancouver Airport. Stopped at one of the airport shops on the way, and I actually ended up buying a new dress (What a great idea I had).  Will have to post a picture of it later. 

When we got to the security check prior to U.S. customs, we were shocked to find that it was empty.  Usually it's a long line of annoying people that don't know what the heck they are doing.  Got through security quickly, and then we were able to go straight to U.S. customs as we didn't have any checked bags.  No line-up here either, so was able to go straight to an agent (again no Nexus - YVR when is this going to happen?).

Having a drink or two on the planeWent to hangout at the Maple Leaf lounge before boarding our flight to Maui - it was very warm in the lounge and in most of the airport, maybe this is the YVR way of acclimatizing people.  Boarded our plane and started drinking as soon as they started serving.  Let the vacation begin!

The flight was uneventful.  Watched some movies, ate some food, drank some vodka.  We arrived in Maui ahead of schedule.  It was nice not having to wait for checked luggage, and were able to head straight to the rental car shuttle bus.  One was waiting for us, so we got on and it immediately took us to the car rental centre.  Because of Randy's status with National Car Rental, we were able to go straight to the lot and pick out our car.  We got a nice red mustang (Which only had 9.3 Miles on it - yes, brand spankin' new !).  It took a few minutes for the attendant to find the keys, but we were shortly on our way to our condo.

It was a gorgeous night and it felt good to have the wind in our hair for the drive to Wailea.  Found our condo and unpacked a few things before heading out to get a few groceries.  Came back to the condo and spent some time uploading photos and videos.  I was having issues uploading pictures and couldn't figure out the problem.  Randy suggested that I just go to bed, but I was being (VERY) stubborn and wanted to figure it out.  He went to bed, but then came out a while later and insisted I just leave it and go to bed already.  I knew he was right, and I went to bed, but I was still (very) grumpy about not figuring out the problem.  (Yes, I am a 4-year old child sometimes).


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