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Welcome to Day 3 of Janet and Randy's Maui Adventure 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hanging on Little BeachWoke up early again.  Randy went for a run, and then we had breakfast on the lanai.  The mangos we bought yesterday were SO juicy and good.  Picture Homer Simpson drooling - that was me.  We decided to pack up and head to the beach.

We got to the Big Beach parking lot around 9:30am.  Normally in the winter, the lot would already be mostly full - but today there were maybe a dozen cars.  Although, a possible reason for this became clear once we walked to the actual beach.  There were a number of signs posted saying that there was a dangerous shore break.  So, that might have caused a few people to just turn around and try another beach.  The Lifeguards were making announcements over the PA system and basically telling people that they shouldn't go in the water.

The swells on Big Beach were quite big and spectacular.  But once we climbed over the rocks to Little Beach, the swells weren't as big - but they were still bigger than we are used to.  When we went in the water, we noticed that there was a fairly strong current (but nothing we couldn't handle - we weren't going to swept out to sea and end up in Japan).  It was warm again today, but it was mostly cloudy - which we were actually quite thankful for.  When the sun did peek out, it was quite intense.

Randy in our red Mustang rentalWe had planned to stay until around noon - but at about 11:00am, it got quite cloudy and started to sprinkle slightly.  We thought that we could handle a bit of rain, so decided we would just ride it out. But then these big gusts started up that that would pelt us with stinging sand.  After a couple of these, we said screw it - let's get out of here.  So, we packed up and went back to the condo - where we showered off all the sand that we had been bombarded with.

After we were cleaned up - we went to the Kihei Farmer's Market to get some more fresh fruit and vegetables.  We were able to get the fixings for making Randy's famous pineapple salsa, but didn't see any avocados to make guacamole.  Oh well.  It was getting close to 1:00pm, so we went to one of our favourite places - Eskimo Candy.  Randy ordered panko-crusted opakapaka, and I had a seared ahi tuna wrap.  It was just at the end of the noon rush, so it took a while for our food to come out.  But it was worth the wait, as the food was delicious, as usual.

With our bellies nice and full, we did some more running around - going to Safeway and Costco.  We also booked some activities for the rest of our stay.  We booked some stand up paddleboarding (SUP) lessons for tomorrow morning with Paddle On Maui.  We also booked a sunset cocktail cruise for Friday with Kai Kanani.

Sunset at Keawakapu BeachWe got back to our condo around 5:00pm, and decided to just have pupus (appetizers) for supper.  Randy and I made some pineapple salsa, and we had the leftover poke (note earlier image of Homer Simpson drooling - again) with edamame and some mushroom brie.  We sat out on the lanai and enjoyed our pupus with some vodka and guava juice.

Once we were done eating, we headed down to Keawakapu Beach.  Even though it was really cloudy and socked in for most of the day, it cleared up around 4:00pm and looked like we would be able to catch a good sunset.  There was a little bit of cloud on the horizon, but other than that - it was a good sunset (including the green flash).

I spent some time organizing the pictures we took during the day, and around 9:00pm we wandered over to the pool for a little swim and a soak in the hot tub.  I was starting to fade just before going to the pool, but got a second wind after that and was able to work on the journal before going to bed.









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