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Welcome to Day 4 of Janet and Randy's Maui Adventure 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Picture of us after our paddle board lessonToday we had a stand up paddle board lesson at 9:00am, so we took our time getting up and having breakfast.  We then drove to nearby Polo Beach to meet up with our instructor from Paddle On Maui.  This company does private lessons, so the instructor is giving you personal attention.

Our instructor was Brittany, and she led us down to the beach for our lesson.  Before getting in the water, she showed us a few techniques that we needed to know for paddle boarding.  She then carried our paddle boards into the surf, and helped us get going.  As soon as we were clear of the waves, we tried the technique to stand up, and we both got up on our first try.  I even was paddling around for quite a while before losing my balance and falling in (for the first time) (my fall was much earlier than that).  I was rather proud of myself.  We went for a nice paddle and even saw some sea turtles.  Randy did very well, and I was always trying to catch up to him since he was moving so fast.

After paddling around for quite a while, I started to get tired and started losing my balance (the sound of splashing was becoming more frequent).  So, I paddled the rest of the way on my knees or sitting down.  But it was a lot of fun, and I would definitely do it again.  I guess in the winter Paddle On Maui has paddle board tours to go see the whales, so I would definitely do that next time we are in Maui during whale watching season.

After our lesson, we went back to our condo and showered up.  After a morning on the water, we were both hungry, so went to Fred's Mexican Cafe for an early lunch.  Randy ordered a fish burrito (advertised as a pound of burrito) and I had the seared Ahi tuna tacos.  We were given some complimentary tortilla chips and salsa - which we polished off quite quickly.

Randy with his pound of burritoOur food arrived, and Randy's burrito was massive.  My meal was normal-sized, and the Ahi tacos were really delicious.  There were two tacos, and I managed to wolf them down in short order.  Randy took longer eating his burrito, and I was rather impressed that he was able to eat almost all of it (not all!).

After lunch we went to find some avocados (so Randy could make guacamole - having a tough time finding some fresh and reasonably priced Avos, apparently it`s not the season, for either fresh or reasonably priced) and to pick up some fish to cook for supper.  For the fish, we went back to Eskimo Candy and got some mahi mahi.  We were there at pretty much the same time we were there the day before, but today it wasn't busy at all.  We bought our fish and then took it back to the condo.

Around 1:30pm, we packed up our gear and headed to the beach.  It was overcast when we got there, and it was actually quite hot and sticky (because there was no breeze).  The waves were larger than they were the day before - and there were a number of surfers and boogie-boarders there.  We ventured into the water for a little bit - but the waves crashed you around quite a bit, and there was also the concern that you might get bonked by a surfer.

Spent a couple of hours at the beach, then went back to the room.  Randy made up some guacamole and we had some vodka and guava for Happy Hour.  Because there was no breeze, our condo was quite warm, so we were feeling quite lethargic.  Around 6:30pm, Randy grilled up the mahi mahi and we had that with the pineapple salsa and some white rice and edamame.  It was SO good.  Just love having fresh fish. (more drooling)

After supper, Randy suggested that we get out of the hot condo for a bit - so we drove over to the Shops of Wailea to get out of the heat.  We wandered around the air conditioned shops for a bit then went back to the condo.  It had cooled down a bit - but was still a little warm.  We spent some time going through the thousands of pictures from our paddle board lesson.  We didn't mean to take that many pictures - but the GoPro camera accidentally got set on a time-lapse setting, and was taking pictures every second.  So, there were a lot of crazy pictures from when the camera was hanging from our arms.  But out of the thousands of pictures, there were at least some good shots.  I worked on the travel journal, then escaped to the air-conditioned coolness of the bedroom.

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