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Welcome to Day 5 of Janet and Randy's Maui Adventure 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Randy & Janet at Haleakala SummitWoke up, Randy went for a run, and we had breakfast on the lanai.  By 8:00am, it was already getting hot out, and Randy cooked on the run.  Headed to the beach around 9:00am.  It was cloudy again when we got to the beach.  Even though it has been hot these last couple of days, it has also been quite cloudy.  Which is a good thing - because when the sun comes out, it is rather intense.

As it was cloudy and there was actually a breeze today, it was much more pleasant hanging out on the beach.  We went into the water a couple of times to splash around but the waves were quite big - so you had to keep your eye out for incoming waves (and Surfers).  Otherwise you would get pummeled (which happened to both me and Randy).

Around noon we packed up and went back to the condo.  Showered up and then headed out to get some lunch.  We went to Da Kitchen again (this time the Kahului location).  Got there just before 1:00pm, and it was very busy.  We both ordered some bento boxes.  Mine had the traditional Hawaiian staple - Spam (Janet's new favourite food).  Both of our bentos were very good and quite filling.

After lunch, we gassed up the car and headed upcountry to get away from the heat.  We stopped at Makawao and wandered around the shops for a while.  We picked up a chocolate raspberry scone to snack on - which was delicious.  Then we headed up to Haleakala as we wanted to take pictures of the sunset from there.

Randy at Vietnamese CuisineOn the drive up, we stopped to change into some pants and jackets - as it is quite cool at the top (it was around 56 degrees at the summit).  We got to the National Park gate around 4:30pm.  At that point, we were still in the clouds, and were concerned as to whether the top was completely clouded in or not.  So, we pulled over just before the gate and debated whether to continue, and whether we wanted to pay the $10 entry fee to the park.  We decided we had come all this way, so we might as well go to the top to check it out.  So, we pull up to the gate and find out that no one was there - so we didn't have to pay after all!  Sweet!

We continued up to the summit and ended up coming out of the clouds.  So that was good.  We took some pictures of the crater and then went up to the summit and took some time-lapse pictures there.  Then we went back down the mountain to another lookout and set up the tripod to take pictures of the sunset.  We were there a little early, so we ended up hanging out taking pictures for close to 2 hours.  It was a little chilly while the sun was out, but as soon as it started to set into the clouds, it started to cool down a lot.  So, as soon as the sunset was over, we ran for the car and headed back down to sea level.  You can see the time lapse videos here.

We had originally thought we would go to the town of Paia for supper, but by the time we got down from Haleakala, it was 8:00pm.  So, we decided to head straight to Kihei and stop somewhere quick.  As Randy was driving, I was checking for places on my iPhone.  I found a place called Vietnamese Cuisine that had good reviews - so we drove straight there.  Randy ordered a lemongrass chicken vermicelli bowl and I got lemongrass chicken curry.  The service at most places here in Maui is not the quickest, so we were pleasantly surprised when our food came out almost immediately.  Both were really good, and hit the spot after a long day of driving.  With the bill, we were given a little cup of tapioca pudding for dessert.  It was really good and Randy told the waitress he liked it.  So she said that we could have another one - since they had a bunch made up - but it had been a slow evening.  So, we both got another cup of tapioca.

With some food in our bellies, we drove back to our condo.  I was still chilled from spending a couple hours up on Haleakala, so I actually had to put on a sweater (even though it was warm in the condo).  I didn't fully warm up until I went to bed. 

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