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Welcome to Day 8 of Janet and Randy's Maui Adventure 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today was our last day in Maui ☹. Took our time getting up and having breakfast.  Did some packing and then headed to the beach around 10:00am.  The sky was clear and blue and the water was the calmest we had seen it all week.  So, shortly after we got there, we went into the water to play around.

It was a gorgeous morning.  There was a breeze, so it wasn't too hot sitting on the beach.  But we spent most of the time in the water.  We had brought some chips to the beach, so Randy tried feeding the birds - as he had seen another guy feeding them popcorn earlier in the week.  As soon as Randy held out the chip - all sorts of birds came over and started nibbling at it.  They weren't scared of us at all.  In fact, they seemed a little ticked off when we put away the chips. Hence all the droppings on our towels.  

Randy at Geste Shrimp truckIt was getting close to noon when the wind picked up some more.  Shortly after that, we started getting pelted by the sand.  It didn't look like it was going to let up, so we packed up and left.  We went back to the condo, but had trouble getting back into our unit.  Our door had a numeric code that we used to unlock the door.  We had asked the owner if we could do a late check-out, but he hadn't extended the code to be active past 11:00am (the check out time).  So, Randy had to send him an email and he called us back a few minutes later with a new code. (not overly impressed by this)

We showered up and then headed into Kahului.  Randy had read some reviews about a food truck called Geste Shrimp - so we decided to try that.  We ordered the combo plate to share - which was Hawaiian scampi shrimp with hot dog.  I thought that we would get some shrimp and a hot dog in a bun, but it was actually a hot dog cut up and cooked with the shrimp.  It came with a scoop of rice and some macaroni crab salad. The reviews on Yelp hadn't lied, it was really good !

The food was really delicious.  Even the hot dog tasted good with the scampi sauce.  We had to eat in our car, but at least we had an ocean view for our meal (of the harbour).  The shrimp were still in their shell, so it was rather messy to peel the shrimp (but SO worth it).  After finishing lunch, we drove to the nearby Macy's to wash the shrimp smell off our hands.

We then headed back to our condo complex.  We noticed there were a few condos in the resort that had an Open House.  So, we wandered in to check them out.  There were 3 for sale all right next to each other.  They ranged from $750,000 to $995,000 (all were 2 bedroom units).  We didn't have that much cash in our pockets at the time, so we weren't able to buy any of them (Can anyone spare, say, oh about $750K, oh and make that US$).  Then it was back to our room where we finished up packing.

Janet at Mulligans on the BlueFor supper, we decided to just go somewhere for some appetizers.  I found a decent Happy Hour at Mulligan's on the Blue, so we went there.  We ordered from the Happy Hour menu - some ribs, some fish tacos and some seared ahi tuna.  The fish tacos were great, but the ribs and ahi tuna were only so-so.  But the dishes were only $6 each, so we couldn't complain too much.  Compared to some other places around the area where `Happy Hour` is half off, and the dishes are still $20-$25 ! 

After supper, we went back to the condo, packed up and headed to the airport.  When we got to Kahului, the temperature was 78 degrees - which was the coolest temperature we had all week (preparing us for the cooler temps at home).  We dropped the car off, went through security and only had to wait a few minutes until it was time to board the plane.  The plane departed at 8:40pm and we were on our way home.

We were given a meal, and I chose the chicken.  Luckily I wasn't very hungry - because the chicken was not good.  I just had some salad and bread instead.  Then I slept for a bit before landing in Vancouver at 5:00am on Sunday morning (Ugh !  I hate the red-eye flights).  We got through Customs quickly (the Nexus machines were actually working for a change!) and had some breakfast in the Maple Leaf Lounge before catching our flight home.

It was a nice break from work - even if it was a short one.

Shaka (The End) !

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