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Welcome to Day 8 of Janet and Randy's Taipei Adventure 2018

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Today we were heading home, so we took our time getting up.  We did most of our packing, got showered and then headed up to the lounge for our last breakfast. One last divine breakfast.

After breakfast, I spent some time in our room catching up on the travel journal and trip reviews.  As the weather was a little nicer than the previous day, we went out for a little walk around the neighbourhood.  We went down towards the river again, but this time we checked out a temple we had noticed earlier.  We took a few pictures then headed back. Most of the Buddhist temples in Taipei have these very ornate and detailed dragons on the roofs.

Around 11:30pm, we decided to go out and grab a quick lunch as our flight was at 4:00pm and so we probably wouldn't get food on the plane until closer to 5:00pm.  As we were leaving the hotel, we were behind a bride that stopped to pose for photos at the doorway of the hotel.  We were kind of stuck behind her, so the door staff unlocked another door so we could get out.  We went over to the shopping mall and went back to the food court.  This time we shared a plate of chicken katsu curry with rice wrapped in egg that came with a side of fries and miso soup.  The food was okay, but nothing overly exciting.  Food court food... very average.

We headed back to our hotel, finished packing and then decided to head to the airport around 12:30pm.  We wanted to give ourselves extra time as it was the end of a long weekend, and we weren't sure how busy the roads were going to be.

We caught a cab to the airport, and the roads were fine, so it took about half an hour.  When we arrived at the airport, we decided to go to the Air Canada desk so that they could confirm our travel documents (we just had our carry-on, so didn't need to check anything).  We were met by the Air Canada concierge Daisy.  Daisy immediately addressed me by my last name.  Was wondering if I was being stalked, but then realized there are probably limited frequent travelers on this flight.  After our passports were confirmed, Daisy then walked us through security and exit immigration, and took us to the Singapore Air lounge.

We had just eaten lunch, so we filled up our water bottles, but didn't have anything to eat as we were still full from lunch.  We hung out in the lounge for a bit, then we decided to go to the EVA Air lounge, as they are also a Star Alliance partner, so we had access there.  There are actually 2 EVA lounges - the Star Lounge and the Infinity Lounge.  We were directed to the Infinity lounge.  It was bigger than the Singapore Air lounge, but it was also busier and noisier.  The food selection looked about the same as the Singapore Air lounge, except this lounge had hot dogs and Haagan Dazs ice cream.  Randy did have a bit of the ice cream.  Will pass on hot dogs in Taiwan.

Daisy had told us that the gate was about a 10 minute walk from the lounge, and she was right.  However, when we got to the gate, we were informed that because of the delayed incoming flight, boarding would be 30 minutes later than normal.  At 3:45pm, they started boarding.  We got on the plane and settled into our seats.  One of the flight attendants working on our section (Shawn) started chatting with us, and she said that we looked familiar (and she looked familiar to us).  We figured out that she had been working on the flight we took to Tokyo with Randy's parents for their 50th anniversary in 2016, so that's why she remembered us.  She provided us with great service during the flight and was a lot of fun to chat with.

We were fed a meal shortly after take-off.  Randy had the beef tenderloin, and I had a stuffed chicken breast.  Both were okay - better than the food we had on the way out.  After the meal, I tried to get some sleep and I think I managed about 3 hours.  I had a noisy neighbor in the seat behind me, and it sounded like she was crinkling up a wrapper, for 3 minutes at a stretch.

We were served a breakfast prior to landing.  There were supposed to be 3 choices for breakfast, but by the time they got to us, they only offered Chinese congee or the infamous omelette with sausage.  We were also offered a choice of croissant or 'danish' (which was actually a chocolate croissant).  Shawn found it quite funny when I asked for both.

We arrived in Vancouver ahead of schedule  (at 11:10am) and were able to get through Customs quickly with our Nexus cards.  We didn't have to wait for checked bags, so headed straight to the domestic terminal (having to go thru security again and this time with a very lippy security dude - the words "clearly" and "obviously" were uttered to me.  If I wasn't sleep deprived, I would have had some words with dude's supervisor).  On the way, I noticed that there was an earlier flight to Edmonton at 12:40pm.  When we got to the Maple Leaf Lounge, we asked if we could get on the earlier flight.  However, they said it was full.  Randy left me and the luggage in the lounge, and he went outside security to see if the Air Canada concierge would be able to help us - but they couldn't do anything - a full flight is a full flight.  So, we just sat in the lounge until our 2:00pm flight.

Our flight from Vancouver to Edmonton was uneventful.  We got a cold smoked salmon plate as the meal.  I wasn't that hungry, so I gave Randy my smoked salmon plate to have. 

We arrived in Edmonton to -2 degrees and were picked up from the airport by Randy's parents.  Then it was home to unpack, do laundry and get ready for work the next day (ugh).

It was a fun, but busy trip.  Saw some cool sights and stayed at a fabulous hotel. 


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