Taipei 2018

P1040893  Having food and drinks at the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel the night before our flight P1040917  Flying over the Rockies never gets old P1040928  Randy at the Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge YVR  Timelapse from Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge
P1040968  Dennis ready for a 12 hour flight P1040969  Randy all setled in for the flight P1050012  Welcome message on TV at our hotel P1050005  Welcome delicacies in our room
P1050041  View of our hotel (middle buidling) with Taipei 101 in the background P1050036  Janet on the Ferris Wheel P1050038  Dennis taking a photo on the Ferris wheel P1050040  Zoom in of Taipei 101 building
P1050055  Chef station at Marriott club lounge P4011010  Randy and Dennis in the Peace Park P4011009  Taipei spelled out in shrubbery in the Peace Park P4011020  Dennis and Randy playing around in the Peace Park
P4011022  Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial P4011034  Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial P4011030  Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial P1050086  Scooter repair shop
P1050098  Getting a foot massage P1050099  Fruit plate we got after our foot massage P4021039  View of Ferris Wheel from our room at night P4021067  Randy and Dennis at Taipei 101
P1050105  View from Taipei 101 Observatory P4021060  View from Taipei 101 Observatory P4021061  One of the souvenir shops on the Observatory level P4021069  Souvenir water bottles in the shape of Taipei 101
P4021070  The outdoor observatory on the 91st floor P4021074  View from the outdoor observatory P4021079  Little movie theatre on the 91st floor that shows how Taipei 101 was built P4021081  The wind damper that prevents the tower from swaying too much in the wind
P4021058  Photo of the damper from above P4021085  Elaborate gift/jewelry shop that a person had to exit Taipei 101 observatory P4021087  Taipei 101 from the street P1050124  Food Republic food court
Food Republic dinner  Our dinner at Food Republic Marriott View - Evening  Timelapse of view from Marriott hotel room P1050131  View along the Keelung river near the Marriott Hotel P4031088  Dried fish in the market outside Yehliu Geopark
P1050139  Yehliu Geopark P1050142  Wandering around the Geopark P4031099  Randy, Janet & Dennis at the Geopark P4031124  Yehliu Geopark - this photo shows an example of the red line that you aren't supposed to cross
P4031120  Yehliu Geopark P4031110 P1050146  Yehliu Geopark P1050159  Janet at Juming Museum
P1050180  Juming Museum P4031131  Fluffy clouds and hippos at Juming Museum P1050166  Juming Museum P4031133  Dennis at Juming Museum
P4031144  Zipper rock at Juming Museum P4031140  Zipper pond at Juming Museum P4031138  Randy and Dennis at Juming Museum P4031151  Juming Museum
P1050194  Maokong Gondola P1050198  View of Taipei and Taipei 101 from the gondola P1050201  Some shops and tea houses at the top of the gondola P1050210  Tea Promotion Center
P1050208  Inside the Tea Promotion Center P1050211  Free tea at the Tea Promotion Center P1050214  Iced cocoa with a view P1050216  One lane road to be used by 2-way traffic and pedestrians
P1050217  Sausages being sold on the side of the road P1050219  TKK Chicken meal P1050220  Krispy Kreme for dessert P4051809  Entrance to Raohe Street Market
P4051802  Light display outside of Raohe Street Market P4051808  Temple outside Roahe Street Market P4051815  Roasted corn on the cob at Raohe market P4051817  Rainbow Bridge
P1050227  Shopping in Xi Men Ding P1050228  Sushi Express restaurant P1050233  Red House Theatre P1050235  Bopiliao Historic Block
P4051822  Janet outside of Longshan Temple P4051833  Dennis and Janet at Longshan Temple P4051829  Randy at Longshan Temple P4051831  Flower arrangements outside of the temple
P4051839  Worshippers in the temple courtyard P4051841  Inside the Longshan Temple P1050252  Ornate dragon on roof of Longshan Temple P4061849  Ancient Chinese book at National Palace Museum
P4061851  Old stuff at National Palace Museum P4061862  More old stuff P4061869  The famous Jadeite Cabbage at the National Palace Museum Eds Diner  Lunch at Ed's Diner
P1050273  Street Art in Xi Men Ding area P1050275  Street Art in Xi Men Ding area P4072775  View of driving range from hotel room P4072790  Temple near hotel
P4072802  Temple lanterns P4072808  Randy at temple near hotel P1050298  Bride at Marriott Hotel