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Welcome to Day 3 of Janet and Randy's Tulum Adventure 2016

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Ended up staying up late, so slept in until about 8:30am.  It was still a little cool when we got up (around 19 degrees - Janet commented that she wasn't going to get out of bed until it warmed up), but it was clear, blue sky - which was promising.

Randy went out for a run, while I cleaned up a few of the dishes to get ready for breakfast.  On his way out, he told Julia at the front desk that our hot tub didn't seem to want to heat up.  We had turned it on the day before, but we think that housekeeping kept turning it off, so it never warmed up.  Julia and a maintenance man showed up at our room about 10 minutes after Randy left.  The maintenance man set the hot tub to turn on automatically 3 times a day, so hopefully that would solve the problem.

Randy came back from his run, and we had some mangos, bananas and pineapple for breakfast, along with some bread and this caramel-type sauce that we found in the grocery store.  The store had some bread samples out with this caramel-ly sauce, and it tasted really good.  So, we went and found a bottle that looked like the sauce (and it turns out we got the right stuff - caramel sauce made with white wine... how wrong can you go ?).  There was no toaster or toaster oven in the unit, so we weren't able to toast the bread.  But it still tasted good with the sauce on it.

Janet on rooftop patioAs for the fruit, the pineapple and mangoes were really tasty, but the bananas were just average.  I had some green tea, and Randy had some instant Nescafe cappuccino mix (which he didn't like so much).  Oh well. It was too sweet ! 

After breakfast, it was warm enough to go and sun ourselves by the pool.  The pool area has some grassy sections with a few loungers, and then a bunch of loungers sitting in a raised part of the pool (where the water is about 6 inches deep).  Because the pool isn't heated, no one else was using the loungers sitting in the water (except us).  The air temperature wasn't that hot, but the sun was quite intense.  Even though the water was a little cool, I sat in the water for a while to cool off.  Randy did a cannonball into the pool, but he didn't stay in very long.  Our unit had a roof-top patio with our own plunge pool, and since it was nice and sunny, we went up there for a bit.  But, as the pool was not heated, it was still pretty cold, so we didn't actually do any swimming.

After being in the sun for a couple of hours, we decided to shower up and go grab some lunch.  We drove to the downtown section of Tulum and wandered around until we found a place that interested us for lunch.  We ended up at a place called Piolo - which appears to be a chain restaurant.  We ordered a 'Honolulu' pizza (ham & pineapple) to share, and a couple of Cokes.  The pizza had a nice thin crust, and the ham on it was really nice.  The server brought us some various sauces, a Worchester,  and a product called Jugo, which we later found out is a dark soya sauce.  Oddly enough, it tasted really good with the thin crust pizza.

We stopped at a fruit market to pick up some more mangos and passionfruit for tomorrow's breakfast.  We dropped the fruit off at our room, then decided to go to a different part of the beach road to see if we could finally make it to the seemingly elusive beach.  As we had been in the sun a bit already today, we weren't planning on staying at the beach long - just going to see what it is like.  On the way out, we ran into Ken (who we had supper with the night before) - and he gave us some pointers for where to park, as being Sunday, it would be busy.  He suggested paying for parking at El Paraiso, and if we went into the hotel for drinks or food, we our parking would be reimbursed.

Randy & Janet on Tulum beachSo, off we went.  The area we were heading to had public access to the beach.  At the first public area, there was no parking to be found.  So, we continued on to El Paraiso where we actually managed to find a spot on the road right next to the entrance (so we didn't have to pay for parking). There was a little guard shack at the entrance to the hotel, and we said that we wanted to go have a drink at the beach bar.  The guard said that they the bar was full, so they weren't letting any new people in.  But he said that we could walk a short distance down the road to a public beach - so we did that. This is just the way it is in Mexico.

The beach in this area had hotels all along it, and music was blaring from most of them.  Lots of people on the beach, which isn't like the beaches we typically frequent.  We walked along the beach for a ways, then cut through a hotel to get back to our car.

We drove back to the resort and found out that our hot tub had warmed up enough to actually jump in.  It was about the temperature of a heated pool, so it was nice and refreshing.  We just relaxed in the room for a bit until housekeeping showed up.  We decided to get out of her hair and headed down to the bar where we had some nice chats with a few people (and some more margaritas).  We were sitting at the bar, but there was a group sitting in the restaurant watching the Superbowl semi-final.  The interesting thing was that the restaurant had a Shaw cable box, so people were watching the Canadian sports channels. (note:  we had Mexican channels in the rooms)

We ended up having supper at the resort - as the special was barbecue half chicken or barbecue ribs.  We ordered one of each, even though the bartender warned us the half chicken was really big.  Of course, I was only able to eat half my meal (even with Randy helping), so they packed up the remaining chicken for us to take to our room.  The meal came with a choice of soup or salad, and the soup of the day was cream of corn.  We both had it, and it was delicious.

Just as we were finishing our meal, we were joined by Deb and Bob, and a little later by Rick and Lisa - who we have chatted with over the past 2 days.  We visited with them while they had our meal, and then went back to our room.  Even though the day had been nice and warm, it really cooled down in the evening, so it was a little chilly in the open-air restaurant.

When we got to the room we noticed that we were both a little sunburned and put on some aloe, and waited for the X-Files season premiere. I'm getting good at whistling the theme song to the X-Files !



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