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Welcome to Day 4 of Janet and Randy's Tulum Adventure 2016

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Took our time getting up, and had some breakfast.  Randy didn't go for a run this morning as we were meeting up with some other people to head to the beach at 11:00am (and he was feeling a bit lazy too).  We showered up and put on sunscreen as we had got a touch of sunburn the day before.  We went to wash the sunscreen off our hands when we found out that we no longer had water in our unit.  It was a good thing that we had finished showering only moments before.  We later found out that the resort has a cistern and it was empty and in the process of being re-filled.

We went down to the entrance to meet up with some folks to head to a beach in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere.  This is a nature reserve, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The beaches in Sian Ka'an are very empty as there is very little development in the biosphere.  There were 6 of us going, so we took our own car and followed the other people.  Distance-wise, it isn't very far away, but the road goes past all these resorts, shops and restaurants, with many speed bumps along the way, so it is a slow (and bumpy) drive. 

Normally there is an entrance fee to the reserve, but there didn't seem to be anyone at the gate, so we all just kept driving.  In the reserve, the access to the beach we were going to is usually manned by someone who charges an entrance (I am unclear as to who exactly is charging the entrance fee - does this money go to the reserve, or is it just going into someone's pocket? - I'm thinking pocket as it is Mexico and it seems like if there is a way for someone to make money by exploiting something then it's fair game).  It seemed to be our lucky day, as there wasn't anyone at the beach entrance, so we didn't have to pay for that either!  Whaaaa ?!?!?!

Randy and Janet in the biosphereOne thing that seems apparent in the reserve is that there isn't anyone responsible for keeping the beaches clean (or at least on a timely basis).  All along the beach there was a line of seaweed (which is fine), but mixed in with the seaweed was all this plastic garbage.  You would think that a World Heritage Site might want to keep its beaches a little more pristine, but apparently not.  So, this beach wasn't as pretty as the beach that we were on yesterday, but in the 2.5 hours we spent there, I think we saw less than 10 other people there, so it is very private.  Which is good if you want to run around naked. Whaaaa ?!?!?!?!

The ocean wasn't as calm as the day before, but not overly choppy.  There was a good breeze which kept us from getting too hot - but we were covered in sea salt by the time we were done.  The breezy day also makes it hard to judge just how the tan/burn is going.. so we were trying to be very careful about that.  We stayed until around 2:00pm.  Since we had our own car, we didn't have to wait for the rest of our gang - but I think that they were going to pack up soon anyway.  On the way back to the resort, we stopped at the supermarket to get a few more supplies.

Back at the room, we rinsed off the salt and sand, but the hot water ran out before I was quite finished rinsing.  Today seems to be the day of water issues.  I was able to finish rinsing off without getting too cold.  Luckily the water here isn't iceberg cold like at home.

We hadn't had any lunch yet, so we went down to the bar and ordered the lunch special - which was fish tacos.  We shared a plate of the tacos - which were very delicious and better than the ones I had at Don Cafete.  By this time it was after 5:00pm, so we just went and hung out in the room for a bit to stay out of the sun.

Antojitos MexicanaAround 6:30pm, we decided to head out for some supper.  We had looked on Yelp and decided on a few places that looked good.  The first place was closed.  The second place was open, but it was right next to a noisy road and it was quite breezy in the restaurant.  The third place was closed, and we checked out 2 places that were close to it. One was closed, and the other was open, but very empty (not a good sign).  Our fifth and final stop was Antojitos Mexicana.  It was open, and the menu looked good.  It was just a little hole in the wall restaurant, but it had good reviews on Yelp, so we decided to give it a try.

We ordered some guacamole as an appetizer, and Randy had the mole chicken enchiladas and I had some garlic shrimp.  The guacamole was good - but it had a bit of a kick to it.  Both of our entrees were delicious, and I managed to eat up all my shrimp even though I wasn't all that hungry to begin with.  I had to peel the shrimp, so my hands smelled like garlic afterwards - but it was worth it. Oh so good !

After supper we went to check out a jewelry shop that Ken and Connie had shown us when we went out for supper with them.  The owner makes all his own jewelry with silver, turquoise and amber.  He had some really unique things, so Randy got a bracelet and I got some amber earrings.

Then it was back to the resort.  They had live entertainment in the restaurant when we got back, so we dropped off some stuff in the room, then went back to listen to the music. 

The entertainment were two guys singing and playing guitar, and they were quite good.  The bar/restaurant area was the most crowded we had seen it since we got here.  We sat and chatted with some of the other guests until close to 11:00pm, when I headed off to bed - leaving Randy to be the social butterfly. Randy showed up moments later...



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