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Welcome to Day 5 of Janet and Randy's Tulum Adventure 2016

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Hanging on Tulum beachWoke around 8:30 again, and Randy went for a run before we had breakfast.  We showered up and Randy thought that we should maybe go check out the Tulum ruins.  But then Cathy (an owner at the resort) and I convinced him that it was a little too late in the morning to go (it was 10:30am) - as the tour buses from Cancun would be there, and it was starting to get hot.  So, we sat down next to the hot tub to figure out what we should do instead.

We finally decided to go back over to the regular beach as a few people had recommended a place called Mezzanine for Thai food.  We changed into our bathing suits and grabbed our beach gear and headed out.  Unlike on Sunday, it wasn't as busy near the public beach, so we managed to find a parking spot on the road - right next to a trail to the beach.  We treated it like a score as typically it wasn't easy to find parking.

We set up on the beach for a while, enjoying the sun.  After a bit, it started to cloud over, so we packed most of our stuff up and went to put it in the car.  As we came over the rise back to our car, we saw a policeman on a quad parked right next to our car.  My first thought was that we had parked in a no-parking zone (we had been warned that a person will get ticketed if you aren't parked in the right place).  But then we realized that he was just hanging out in the shade. (Phew!)  I even asked him if it was ok, and he said yes.  We dumped our stuff in the trunk, and then went back to do a walk along the beach.

Having lunch at MezzanineWe walked up an appetite and decided to head to Mezzanine for some lunch.  As we were about to head up the stairs from the beach to the restaurant, we heard someone calling "Randy".  We turned around and saw Nestor - the bartender from our resort (who was on his day off).  He was at the beach with his two adorable kids, who he introduced us to.  We chatted with him for a bit, and then left him to enjoy the beach with his kids.

The restaurant at Mezzanine has a fabulous view over the beach.  We had a table right at the edge of the deck, overlooking the beach - and watching Nestor's boys play in the sand and surf.  It was fabulous.  We ordered some margaritas, crab won tons, chicken pad thai and a shrimp pineapple mango curry.  The food was scrumptious, but the margarita wasn't nearly as good as what Nestor makes back at our resort.  When we left the restaurant, we made sure to tell Nestor that.

We went back to the resort and went to hang out at the pool for a while.  I was warm enough that I even jumped in the pool.  I didn't stay very long, as it was still chilly.  It became increasingly overcast throughout the afternoon and even began sprinkling.  At that point, we decided to go back to the room and have a little nap.  It felt good.  I think it was our first nap of the vacation - I know, tragic isn't it.

Because we had a large lunch, we decided to shred up the leftover barbecue chicken from the other night and have it with guacamole and tortilla chips.  It was a tasty combination.  We also had a bit of red wine to go with it.  We then realized that we did not have any fruit to have for breakfast, so we headed out to a local market to get some more mangos and passionfruit.

We headed down to the bar to have our seemingly nightly margaritas (Margarita-O'Clock again !).  We had a fun chat with Deb, Bob, Rick and Lisa, and then spent a little time in the hot tub before heading up to bed.

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