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Welcome to Day 6 of Janet and Randy's Tulum Adventure 2016

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Today we decided to go check out the Tulum Ruins, so we showered up and headed out the door around 8:30am.  It was already starting to get a little warm - so we figured it would be good to see the ruins before it got too hot or too busy.

Janet at the Tulum ruinsThe ruins are about a mile away from where the parking lot is.  When we arrived, it was still pretty quiet, and were able to park at the lot closest to the ruins (for 50 pesos).  There is a shuttle train thing that you can take to the entrance of the ruins (for a fee), but we decided to just walk it.  Which was good, because when we arrived in the parking lot, we saw one of the shuttles heading to the ruins, but in the time that it took for us to walk to the ruins, we didn't see one of the shuttles go by.  So, we were able to walk there in less time than taking the shuttle.  These shuttles are basically farm tractors hauling converted hay wagons that have seats.  This isn't Disney.

We paid 65 pesos each to enter the ruins.  There were a few people around, but for the most part wasn't very crowded.  We wandered around the ruins - spending about an hour there.  The odd time we would pass a guide who was explaining the different aspects of the ruins.  What little I heard it sounded interesting.  But I'm not sure that it would have been worth just standing around and listening to.  It was starting to get a little hot and sticky by the time we were leaving.  As we exited the ruins, we noticed Great hordes of people at the entrance, and non-stop groups of people walking in from the parking lot.  The shuttle trains that went by us were packed with people as well.  So, it looks like we were leaving at the right time.

Next to the parking area is this large shopping/dining complex (which includes the Starbucks that we went to on our first day here).  Since we were here, we thought that we would wander around to see if there were any interesting shops.  But, they were just your typical souvenirs that you see everywhere else in Tulum.  Very tacky souvenirs at that. Seriously who needs a mexican wrestler mask ? or a poncho, or a sombrero ?  So, we jumped in our car and headed back to the resort to have a late breakfast.

After breakfast, we were still hot and sticky from touring the ruins, so we headed down to hang out at the pool.  It was quite warm out, so the cold pool water felt a lot better today.  We sat out in the sun for a couple hours, then decided to go to Burrito Amor for some lunch.  When we arrived, there was one other person there, and they were finishing off their meal.  It took a while for someone to come take our order - in which we ordered, one pork and pineapple burrito, and one grilled steak burrito.  Then we waited.  And waited. Thankfully they had free wifi. Finally we could hear and smell some beef being grilled, and (then waited some more) finally our meal came out.  We noticed that another couple that arrived quite a while after us got their meal immediately after us.  So, not sure if the chef was on some sort of break (smoking weed), or had gone out to get something, or what.

Having chicken at Pollo BroncoOnce we finally got our food, it was very good.  We both agreed that the steak burrito was better than the pork/pineapple.  But they hit the spot and filled us up.  With our full bellies, we went back to the resort to hang by the pool some more.  It was even hotter now, so I spent most of the time in the pool, as it was too hot to just sit in the sun.  Around 4:00pm most of the pool area was covered in shade, so we went up to our room where our hot tub was still in the sun.  The hot tub was the perfect temperature - more like a heated pool, so we hung out in there enjoying the sun and the warm water for a while.  We did have to wait for a while as housekeeping had just arrived and so we wanted to stay out of the way so they could do their thing.

Around 6:00pm, we headed out to get some supper.  We decided to try a place called Pollo Bronco.  This was just a little hole in the wall that sold chicken.  Just chicken.  I had read Yelp reviews saying that the portions are large, so we decided to get a half chicken and split it between the 2 of us.  The half chicken came with rice, salsa, lettuce and warm, fresh tortillas.  The meal was very simple, but tasty.  And it only cost 90 pesos. The great thing with this... everything was exceptionally fresh !

After supper, we went looking for a store called Mexic Arte, which sells items made by indigenous communities in Mexico trying to preserve their tradition and heritage. This shop contained some really unique items that you don't see in a typical souvenir shop.  We ended up buying some interesting things to bring home with us.

Picking up some baked goodsWe stopped at a nearby bakery to pick up some dessert and croissants for breakfast.  The interesting thing about bakeries here is that all the baked goods are displayed out in the open on shelves.  You pick up a tray and some tongs and pick the individual items that you want to purchase.  Then you take the tray to the cashier - who will then bag the items for you.  In the supermarket, you take the items to a person who prices them and bags them - but then you just pay for them with the rest of your groceries.  It's an interesting concept, but the gross part is that the flies are flying all over and landing on the baked goods.

After that, we went back to the resort and had our dessert with some red wine.  I spent some time catching up on the journal while Randy watched the Simpsons on TV. One of the few channels that isn't Spanish.



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