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Welcome to Day 7 of Janet and Randy's Tulum Adventure 2016

Thursday, January 28th 2016

Randy's last chance to get a run in, so he went for a run, then we had breakfast (finishing off the mangos and passion fruit).  We were just cleaning up from breakfast when the housekeeping arrived.  There has been no rhyme or reason to the times that they come.  The last couple of days they have come late in the afternoon, and never this early in the morning.  We didn't want to get in their way, so we went up to the rooftop and hung out by the plunge pool until she was finished.  Then we coated ourselves in sunscreen and headed down to the pool.

Taqueria HonorioIt was a nice warm day, and I had to cool off in the water a few times.  Around 12:30pm, we started getting hungry, so we headed out to get some lunch.  We were going to go to one place for some tacos, but they were closed (we had seen them open the night before, but had not seen them open any other time we drove by.  So, I have no idea of what their hours are - just like our housekeeping, we have no idea when they are going to arrive).  Anyway, we went with Plan B - which was to go to a place called Taqueria Honorio.  This is basically a food cart that is parked in front of a building.  So, they cook the meat in the cart, and you can eat at the stools in front of the cart, or in the building behind.  We chose a table in the building.  If you are looking at the photo to the right, the outside looks rustic (a nice way of saying dumpy) well the inside isn't much better.  Welcome to Mexico.

We each ordered 3 carnitas tacos.  The tortilla shells were hot and fresh - with "Mama" making them to order.  It was interesting that the restaurants had these plastic plates - but would cover then in clear plastic bags before serving you.  That way they didn't need to wash them - they just threw the plastic bag away.  Probably not very earth-friendly, but it saved them having to wash the dishes.  After finishing our very tasty tacos, Randy was still hungry - so he ordered 2 more.  The total for both of us came to around 120 pesos. 

We then went to a bank machine to get some more cash, and headed to the beach road to check out another Mexic Arte store to see if they had anything different than the one in central Tulum.  Today was much less busy than the last time we drove down this road, and we were actually able to find parking.  We went into the store (the store was open but there were no lights on, and when I looked around there wasn't anyone actually staffing the store), but there wasn't much different than the other store - except more clothing.  We were also able to stop at another store that had cool T-shirts that Randy had noticed driving past before.  He ended up getting a t-shirt there.

We went back to the other Mexic Arte store in central Tulum and bought a few more souvenirs.  It was starting to get really hot by this time, so we went straight back to the resort and headed to the pool.  Shortly after we got there, the sky clouded over (of course).  It was still warm, so we hung by the pool (because regardless of whether it was sunny or cloudy, we were still on vacation), but when it started sprinkling around 4:00pm, we headed back to our room.

The sprinkles didn't last long, and the sun did come out for a bit.  The pool area was all in shade by now, so we went out to our hot tub and hung out there.  After a while, the wind kicked up, so decided to head down to the bar.

Janet having one of her last margaritasWe were the only ones at the bar to begin with, and ordered some margaritas.  Some other people showed up a little later, but the wind drove us into the nearby restaurant area.  We ended up having drinks and supper with Bob and Deb from Pennsylvania.  Randy had a seared ahi tuna salad, and I had the coconut shrimp.  The meal came with an appetizer of barbeque chicken wings and a starter of potato soup.  It was all very good.  All the food we've had at the resort has fantastic.  We sat around chatting with the other folks that were staying at the resort and sharing stories of travel.

After supper we relaxed in the hot tub with the usual 9:30pm gang (most nights the same people meet at the hot tub at 9:30).  We visited with everyone until about 10:30pm, and headed to our room to finish packing.  I worked on the journal, and then headed to bed.

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