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Welcome to Day 7 of Janet and Randy's Turkish Adventure 2015

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Tram along Istiklal AvenueOur last full day in Istanbul.  We had hoped to take a ferry across to the Asia side of Istanbul, but we woke up to cold, rainy weather.  So, instead, we decided to go back to the Taksim area and do some shopping along Istiklal Avenue.

We got ready, had breakfast at the hotel buffet, then headed out around 10:30am.  We found our way back to the main area we had gone on the photography tour, and even found the same shops where we had seen some interesting things.  We also came across some side streets with street art that we didn't see on the tour.

We took our time wandering around, checking out shops and buying some souvenirs.  It was damp and cold, so we had to duck into shops from time to time to warm up.

Around 1:00pm, we stopped at a restaurant and had a mixed kebab plate to share.  We also ordered apple tea that cost much less than what we paid for at the restaurant near the Grand Bazaar (2 lira vs. 9 lira). To be fair, the 2 lira was a cup of tea, versus the 9 lira small pot of tea.

We also came across another shop selling chocolate baklava, so we had to stop and have some.  It was pretty darn good!

Janet with street artAfter we had finished our shopping, we walked back to the metro station and went back to the hotel.  We decided to head up to the club lounge for a hot beverage, but the machine wasn't working.  So, we just had some chips and sat and looked out at the view for a while.

As we were feeling a little crotchety from all the walking around, after we were done at the lounge, we decided to head down to the pool for a soak in the hot tub.  This was around 5:00pm, and we had the whole area to ourselves.  Very relaxing.  We also had a steam in the steam room and then went back to the room for a bit.

Around 6:30pm, we decided to go back up to the club lounge and check out the evening appetizers.   They had spring rolls and mini steaks, so we munched on those.  We were sitting around talking about maybe going out somewhere for dessert when some people came into the lounge and started chatting with us.  They were quite interesting, and we ended up having some wine with them and staying in the lounge until 10:00pm  So, we didn't end up going out for dessert after all. A few less calories won't kill us.

Then it was back to the room to pack up most of our stuff as we were leaving the next day.

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