Turkey 2015

Anniversary Trip to Istanbul
DSCF4298  Surprise champagne and chocolates from Air Canada concierge on flight from Edmonton to Montreal DSCF4304  Randy enjoying business class on Turkish Airlines DSCF4307  Pre-flight beverages DSCF4308  Bedding setup on Turkish Airlines
DSCF4309  A multitude of menus - a beverage menu, a wine menu, a dinner menu and a breakfast menu DSCF4310  The various choices for dinner DSCF4314  Cart service in business class DSCF4315  Little (fake) candle light that comes with the table setting
DSCF4320  Breakfast on Turkish Airlines (cold course) DSC 2785  View from the Marriott Sisli in Istanbul DSC 2787  Mosque near the Marriott Hotel Okafe  Supper at Okafe
DSC 2791 Fotor  View of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque from our room (with zoom lens) DSC 2796  Randy at the Hagia Sophia DSC 2799  Blue Mosque DSC 2798  Water fountain in front of Blue Mosque
DSC 2803  Shopping behind the Hagia Sophia DSC 2825 Fotor  Hagia Sophia Sultan tombs DSC 2817  Ceiling of one of the tombs DSC 2808 Fotor  Sultans tomb
DSC 2815 Fotor  Janet at the tombs DSC 2841 Fotor  Randy goofing around DSC 2840 Fotor  Another view of the Blue Mosque DSC 2838  Janet outside the Topkapi Palace
DSC 2851 Fotor  View of Hagia Sophia from Blue Mosque DSC 2858  View from Marriott club lounge on 32nd floor DSC 3723  Istanbul at night DSCF4327  Pide (Turkish flatbread) for supper
Market vendors  Market where the locals shop DSC 3743 Fotor  Mounds of Turkish Delight Stop 1  First stop on tour - typical Turkish breakfast DSC 3751  Raw donair meat started cooking for the day
Stop 2  Second stop on tour - Su Boregi (top), Sahlep drink and Turkish ice cream (middle), Gozleme (bottom) DSC 3762  Cheap Turkish meal - rice, chickpeas and chicken Stop 3  Third stop on tour - from top left, an eggplant dish, bean dish and bayburt kebabi DSC 3769  Building where every store sells only cell phone cases
Spice vendors  Some spice vendors Stop 4  Fourth stop on tour - Kellepaca korbasi and Icli Kofte (top), chicken shish kebab (middle), and Kunefe (bottom) Stop 5  Fifth stop on tour - some baklava and tea in a back alley DSC 3791  Local mosque
DSC 3793  Inside the mosque DSC 3796  Inside the mosque DSC 3803  A man praying in the mosque Stop 6  Sixth stop on the tour - lamb being roasted on spit (top), tomato/mint salsa and Ayran drink (middle), and the Cag Kebabi (bottom)
DSC 3818  Colourful lamps in the market Stop 7  Seventh stop on the tour - Kokorec (sheep's intestines - middle and bottom) and stuffed muscles (top left) Stop 8  Eighth stop on the tour - a shop that makes Turkish Delight Stop 9  Ninth stop on the tour - lunch at a local lady's house.  Homemade  Tarhana Corbasi soup (top), rice pudding (middle), and karniyarik (bottom)
DSC 5381  Back to the Hagia Sophia - this time went inside DSC 5309 Fotor  Inside the Hagia Sophia DSC 5322 Fotor  Inside the Hagia Sophia DSC 5317  Inside the Hagia Sophia
DSC 5323 Fotor  Inside the Hagia Sophia DSC 5358  Inside the Hagia Sophia DSC 5363  Some religious dudes inside the Hagia Sophia DSC 5368  View across the roof of the Hagia Sophia
DSC 5393  Lunch at Seven Hills restaurant with stunning views (Blue Mosque behind Randy) DSC 5387  View of Hagia Sophia from Seven Hills restaurant DSC 5400  Seven Hills restaurant Seven Hills meal  Olives and grilled shrimp at Seven Hills restaurant
DSCF4440  Outside the Blue Mosque DSC 5406  Inside the Blue Mosque DSC 5408  Inside the Blue Mosque DSC 5427  Inside the Blue Mosque
DSC 5428  Inside the Blue Mosque DSCF4473  Janet and Randy inside Blue Mosque DSCF4484  Chocolate baklava - yum! DSCF4485  Having a snack break outside the Grand Bazaar
DSCF4487  Apple tea DSCF4488  Kunife dessert DSCF4489  Inside the Grand Bazaar DSCF4490  Inside the Grand Bazaar
DSCF4497  Supper out at Sur Ocakbasi with the group from our food tour DSCF4512  Shopping on Istikial Avenue (a popular shopping area) DSCF4501  Randy with some more street art DSCF4514  Cool street art
DSCF4523  Narrow little shopping streets near the Galata Tower DSCF4525  Apple tea DSCF4526  A mixed kebob plate for lunch DSCF4530  Vendors selling flower bouquets as well as head wreaths
Turkish Air Lounge 1  Huge business lounge for Turkish Airlines at the Istanbul airport Turkish Air Lounge 2  More of the Turkish Airlines lounge Turkish Air Lounge food  Snacks we had at the Turkish Airlines lounge DSCF4558  Turkish Airlines business class amenities pouch
DSCF4561  Istanbul airport Canapes  Drinks, chocolates, Turkish Delight, nuts and canapes served to us at start of flight DSCF4580  Next came the appetizer cart.  You could choose whatever you liked. DSCF4581  Janet's appetizers
DSCF4585  Janet's main course - eggplant pasta DSCF4586  The dessert cart.  Again, you could choose as much as you wanted. DSCF4587  Janet's desserts DSCF4589  An apres-dessert hot chocolate with a chocolate square
Turkish Air second meal  Second meal on flight.  First some appetizers, then Randy had a main course of pasta, while I had chicken.