Kauai March 2020 – Cancelled

We had planned a trip to Kauai to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. However, COVID-19 came along, and we had to cancel our trip. As our anniversary date was at the height of lockdown, we instead celebrated it with take-out Chinese food.

We had originally planned to go back again to Kauai in December 2020 to celebrate my father-in-law’s 80th birthday. So, when we cancelled our March trip, we rescheduled our flights and accommodation to be in December instead.

However, when September rolled around, the border between Canada and the U.S. was still closed and Hawaii still had a 14-day quarantine in effect. There was also a 14-day quarantine required for any Canadians returning from outside of Canada. As it wasn’t looking hopeful that things would improve much by December, we decided to cancel that trip as well.

Since we like to take at least a couple of trips a year, it was very unusual for us to not be going anywhere or even planning to go somewhere for a whole year. Here’s hoping that the world will be in a better place for travel in 2021.