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Welcome to Janet and Randy's Brussels Adventure 2016

This will be our first time to Brussels and for that matter to Belgium.  While we would have liked to have a longer trip, but unfortunately we only have a limited time that we can take due to our work commitments.   Not to mention this was very much a last minute getaway.  All planned and booked 6 days prior to departing.  

Even though it's a short trip there will be plenty of food, food photos, beer, plenty of wandering around and taking photos of places and did I mention food and food photos ? and Beer !  Belgium beers being Randy's most favourite of them all.  Stay tuned, this will be exciting (at least for us) and potentially entertaining for you (with some potential drunken escapades), but I'm not going to guarantee that.

The Journal is primarily Janet's creation with the exceptional comment thrown in by Randy (just to keep Janet honest).

We started keeping our Journal online ever since we went to
Kauai in 2001 (Hapa + Haole @ Lawai).  (the first journal is pretty crude, but you get the drift)
Check it out for a trip down memory lane, or for our other trips Click Here.

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