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Welcome to Janet and Randy's Copenhagen Adventure 2017

Welcome to our vacation journal. We are off to Copenhagen, Denmark. This is our first trip to Denmark and by default Copenhagen.  We are really excited to be able to explore this amazing city. 

We will only be in Copenhagen for just over a week and I'm sure it'll go by quickly.  We will be looking see some amazing sights as well as take in the local fare for food and see if we can hit a museum or gallery. Of course taking plenty of photos and generally goofing off while there.  It's a short vacation, but it should be a hoot.  Read along with us and hopefully you'll have fun with us. 

Janet has been keeping travel journals for quite some time.  Our Kauai 2001 trip was the first time we posted a Journal online.  The first journal is pretty crude, but it was the start for so many other trips

The Journal is primarily Janet's creation with the exceptional comment thrown in by Randy (just to keep Janet honest). 


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