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Kauai - Day 1 - Saturday, November 30, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Woke up around 6:00am, and took our time having breakfast and getting ready.  We finished packing and then headed to the airport for our flight to Kauai.  Randy dropped me and all the luggage off at the terminal and took the car back to the car rental agency.  Saved us from lugging the bags on and off the shuttle bus.  We checked some bags then headed to security. 

Once we got there, we were directed to another security line farther down the terminal.  When we got there, we were the only ones there.  So, that was a nice change.  Randy and I each had our own x-ray scanner line.  Apparently they randomly let some people keep their shoes on (instead of taking them off to put through the x-ray).  Randy was given a little yellow card so that he didn't have to take off his flip flops.  I did not get a card, so I had to take mine off.  When TSA told me I could keep my shoes on, I looked down and said "Oh Really, gee thanks", but I'm thinking, 1) these are just flip-flops and 2) they would be so hard to remove !  Oh well, best just to follow their instructions.  Don't want a body cavity search !

After going through security, we went to get some lunch.  We shared a BBQ chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  Then we went to see if we could meet up with Randy's cousin who was arriving from the Big Island.  But we must have just missed them - because by the time we got to the gate, all the passengers were already off the plane.  Oh well.  So, we just went to our gate and hung out until it was time for our flight.

Juice and cookies on flight from Maui to KauaiWe boarded the flight and soon we were on our way to Kauai.  Hawaiian airlines always serves POG (Passionfruit/Orange/Guava) juice - which I love.  This time, I brought some leftover guava cookies to have on the plane with our POG.  It made for a delightful in-flight snack.

We arrived in Kauai to overcast, windy weather.  Randy went off to get the rental car, while I waited for our checked bags to come out.  They came out quite quickly, so I just waited at the terminal until Randy got back with the convertible Camaro.  The Camaro had a trunk the size of a breadbox, so we were only able to fit one suitcase in there.  The rest had to go in the back seat.  We drove to our resort, checked in and unpacked.  Then we headed back to Lihue to get some groceries at Costco.

When we got to Costco, Randy tried to put the roof back up on the convertible.  The Camaro has this handle that you have to pull down and turn to lock the roof.  We had trouble getting the latch closed.  Randy had to push on it from outside in order to close it.  We finally got it closed and went into Costco to get some food.

When we came out, Randy went to open the trunk to put our goods in.  He pressed the button on his key fob, and nothing  happened.  He tried the button on the inside of the car - again, nothing (and there is no key for the trunk lock/release).  He tried several times - even starting the car - but no luck.  So, we had no choice but to just put the groceries in the back seat.  Since it was looking like it might rain, we decided to leave the roof up.  However, when Randy started the car, he got a warning message that said the roof wasn't latched.  We tried unlatching and latching it again, but still got the error.  We decided we would take the car back to the rental agency.  But as soon as we started driving, we got this 'ding ding ding' warning noise that kept going as long as we were driving.  Since that was annoying, we put the roof back down and drove to back to the airport.

We were about 1 block from the agency when it started to pour rain.  We pulled over to put the roof back up, but by the time it finally came up - we were both totally soaked, and the inside of the car was completely wet.  With the roof up, we drove the rest of the way with the car dinging madly at us. This is fun !  Being drenched and having a very annoying dinging noise !

It was still pouring when we got there, so of course we got even wetter as we took our groceries out of the car and under shelter until they processed our exchange.  After a few minutes, they came back to us with the exchange information, and we got into another car (a Camaro again).  This time we checked that the roof worked correctly and that we could open the trunk.  Both worked, so we drove back to our resort - stopping at the Big Save store to pick up a couple items that we couldn't get at Costco.

By this time, it was almost 6:00pm, so we went across the street to where Randy's parents were staying to have drinks and supper with them.  Randy's aunt and uncle (Kathy and Ben) were also there - so we had a nice visit.  Hung out for a couple hours, then went back to our unit.  We had friends coming in quite late, so we dropped off some groceries in their unit so they had something for breakfast in the morning.  When we were at Costco, we had been given a free Thanksgiving cookbook as we left the store.  I noticed that the cookbook was a little warped from getting wet in the rain.  I checked out the book, and most of the pages were all stuck together.  So, I spent some time separating each page in the book, then spent the rest of the night just relaxing.