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Kauai - Day 12 - Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Janet in front of the Beach House RestaurantToday was a pretty laid back day.  Woke up, Randy went for a run, then we had breakfast.  We headed to Lihue and Kapaa to check out some shops, but didn't find anything.  Randy was in the mood for Mexican, so we went back to Monico's Taqueria again.  Randy had an ahi burrito again, and I tried the shrimp enchiladas.  Both were good, as per usual.  Stopped at Safeway for some groceries, then headed back to the resort.

Changed into our bathing suits and went down to the pool here in the Alii building.  We had forgotten that this pool isn't heated - so it was a little chilly compared to the nice heated pool in the Coral Building.  Because the pool is quite cold, we were the only ones in the pool.  There was another couple in the pool area - but they were just sitting in the shade reading their books.

After a bit, we walked across the street to the beach, and Randy fed the fish with a bagel.  We saw a couple of large sea turtles hanging out in the rocks, but they didn't seem to be interested in the bagel crumbs.

We stopped off at the other pool in the resort (at the Banyan building) to cool off, then headed back to the room to change.  We went to the nearby Kukuiula Market to get some papaya and bananas.  Randy decided to do some more timelapse photos, then we headed to Kapaa to have supper at Kintaro with Harold and Lil. 

Kintaro is our favourite sushi restaurant here on Kauai.  We were pleased to find out that we could actually make a reservation.  On prior visits, they would only take reservations for parties of 6 or more.  But when I phoned, they would take a reservation for any size of party now.  Which was a good thing, because when we got there, the restaurant was very busy, and there were a number of large tables set up for some groups.

We ordered some gyoza, garlic edamame (yum!), softshell crab roll, shrimp tempura roll, spicy tuna roll, avocado roll, and their Hanalei roll.  They were all really good.  It was a lot of food, but we managed to pack it all away.  I was already full when Lil suggested that we order the green tea hula pie.  Someone had told them that if they went to Kintaro, they had to order it.  So, we ordered one to share amongst the 4 of us.  It was a good thing we were sharing, because it was quite a large piece.  Now I was really full, and it was a challenge to stay awake on the ride back to the condo.

Harold and Lil invited us over for drinks, but we were both tired, so it was an early night for us.