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Kauai - Day 14 - Friday, December 13, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Sand angelWoke to some overcast skies.  Had breakfast, then wandered over to Blaine and Lisa's condo.  They had to check out today and were moving to the Grand Hyatt for one night.  Visited for a bit, then grabbed our beach bag and headed to Larsen's Beach for one last time.  The weather was still overcast when we got there, but we trekked down to the beach and hung out for a few hours.  It was a little blustery, but the sun would come out every once in a while.  Randy decided to make a sand angel.  Maybe when we get back home he will make a matching snow angel.

Around 2:30pm, we decided to leave.  We headed back to the resort, but just outside of Lihue, we ran into some traffic.  At first we thought that  it was just the usual Friday afternoon traffic.  We were next to Kilohana Plantation, and pulled into there because Randy wanted to check out one of the shops.  When we were walking into the building, one of the gals that worked there was standing at the door looking at the traffic.  She told us that there had been a fiery car crash further down the road, and the road was going to be closed for at least a couple of hours.  Of course, this road was the only possible way to get to our resort in Poipu.

So, we went to check out the jewelry shop, and Randy ended up buying me a pair of earrings.  The traffic on the highway was still at a standstill, so we decided to go hang out at the Mahiko Lounge.  The lounge is in what was formerly the living room at Kilohana.  The room itself is pretty much exactly the same as it was before - except that they built a stand-alone bar at the one end.  It makes for a very cosy place for drinks and food.

Mai tai at Mahiko LoungeIt was Happy Hour, so we saddled up to the bar and ordered some drinks and appetizers.  We both got a mai tai and we ordered a kalua pig quesadilla and some avocado ahi poke.  We started chatting with some other people at the bar, who were also waiting out the traffic jam.  Sure beat sitting in a car for a couple of hours.  We had a couple more drinks, and around 6:30pm it looked like the traffic was starting to move, but very, very slowly.  So, we decided to go back into Lihue (which didn't involve dealing with the traffic jam) and have supper at the Garden Island Barbecue.

Randy had the chicken katsu and barbecue chicken plate lunch, and I had lemon chicken and mahi mahi.  Other than the appetizers at the Mahiko Lounge, we hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast, so we were kind of hungry.  Still not hungry enough to eat all the food, though (they have rather large plates of food there).  We headed back to the resort.  The traffic was still backed up, but it moved along okay.  We didn't get back to our resort until 8:30pm (about 5 hours later than originally expected).

As we were checking out the next day, we spent some time doing laundry and packing up most of our stuff.  Went to the lobby to print out our boarding passes, but for some reason we weren't able to print out our Air Canada passes.  Sigh.  We were able to print off the ones for our Hawaiian flight to Honolulu.  I guess we will just have to get our Air Canada boarding passes once we get to the Honolulu airport.