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Kauai - Day 6 - Thursday, December 5, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Today I had arranged a portrait session for all of us.  So, we got up, had breakfast and then met our photographer in the lobby at 10:00am.

The photographer I had arranged was the same photographer that had done our wedding here in Kauai almost 19 years ago - Hans Hellriegel.  Since we had small kids with us, we just took some pictures around the resort.  We did a big group shot, then he broke us down into smaller groups.  We got the pictures with the kids done early, so that Blaine and Lisa could get the baby out of the sun.  Hans finished off with some pictures of just me and Randy, then we ended up having a nice chat with him and his wife Karen.  He said he would get the pictures ready for us in a few days.

Randy surfing a very realistic waveAfter we were done the pictures, we decided to go into Lihue to Garden Island Barbecue for lunch.  Blaine and Lisa joined us.  Randy and I ended up getting to the restaurant first.  They were just finishing off their lunch rush, and so we had to wait a bit for a table - but we managed to get one before Blaine & Lisa showed up.  Well, actually, it was just Lisa and baby Odin that showed up - as Teagan had fallen asleep in the car, and Blaine was out in the car with him. 

Randy and I ordered a plate of orange chicken and a plate of chicken katsu.  As usual, the portions were huge, and we couldn't eat it all.  We ended up with a doggie bag.  Lisa had ordered some food for Blaine, and so we got a doggie bag for him - and took it out to their car so he could eat it.  Then we headed off to run a few errands.

We went to Fish Express to get some more ahi poke (mmm... poke), then went to Costco.  Randy dropped me off at the store to get some bagels while he went to get gas in the car.  Then it was back to the resort to drop off our poke in the fridge before heading to Hanapepe for the afternoon farmer's market to get some more fruit.

Sunset view from our room in the Coral buildingOn the way back, we stopped at a shop called the Hawaiian Trading Post.  This is one of the few places where you can find real puka shells.  Randy ended up getting a new puka shell necklace, and I got a puka shell bracelet.

Came back to our unit and had some drinks while watching the sunset.  Randy did some time-lapse pictures from our balcony, and then went across the street to take some more time-lapse pictures.  So, hopefully those turn out.  They did !  Check out the Videos.

We had plans to meet our friends Pat and Mike (who live here) for supper.  We met at JJ's Broiler.  As always, we had a great visit with them.  Randy had a burger, and I had a kalua pig wrap.  Again, the portions were quite big, and I wasn't able to finish my food.

Then it was back to the room, where I downloaded pictures, then went to bed.