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Maui - Day 2 - Saturday, November 23, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

As we went to bed early the night before, we woke up at 6:00am - when it was still dark out.    Once it got light enough, Randy went for a run, while I worked on the journal for the previous day.  I also started to get some things prepped for breakfast.  As I was trying to cut the bagels in half - the knife slipped and cut into my one finger.  Later, when Randy got back and was cutting up some fruit - his knife slipped and he ended up cutting the same finger I did.  Apparently this condo requires some sort of blood sacrifice from its inhabitants. (or, the knives in the condo were just very, very dull) - really crappy knives

Breakfast on the lanaiWe had breakfast on the lanai looking out over the gardens and the ocean beyond.  Then we showered up and decided to go out to a farmer's market to get a good stash of fresh fruit and vegetables. I had found a market on Lipoa Street in Kihei - but it turned out to be a very small market - maybe 7 or 8 tables.  We picked up a few things, but then decided to head to a market at the Maui community college in Kahului.  When we got there, we had to park in the overflow parking.  We weren't exactly sure where on the campus the market was - and we ended up taking probably the longest possible route to get there (like around the entire campus). We finally found it - and it was more than just a farmer's market.  There were rows and rows of vendors selling goods ranging from jewelry to wood carvings to produce.  They also charged 50 cents a person to enter the market - which I found a little annoying.  But, we managed to stock up on a lot of fruit - and also got the fixings to make guacamole and salsa.  We wandered around most of the other vendors - until it started to rain a bit.  As we had left the roof down on our convertible, we figured we better head back in case it started to rain a lot. 

Randy found a shorter route back to our car - and by the time we got there, it had stopped sprinkling.  Then it was off to Costco to get some bagels and some poke.  While we were there, we found a set of cheap knives, so bought those to use in our condo (since the knives in the condo were bad).  We headed back to our condo, and unloaded all of our groceries.  By this time it was around noon - so we decided to go out and have some fish tacos for lunch.

Fish tacosWe knew there was a food truck near Big Beach that sold awesome fish tacos - so we headed there.  As we got close - we saw a place on the right side of the road called Big Beach BBQ.  We weren't sure if this was the same place we had stopped before or not.  But we thought, what the hell, we would check it out.  Once we got the tacos, we knew it wasn't the same place.  For $10, you got 2 smallish tacos, with a small slice of pineapple.  We decided to take the tacos back to our condo and have them on the lanai.  The ingredients in the tacos were fresh, but the taste was only okay.  Also, the tacos were quite watery, so by the time we got back to the room, they were a little on the soggy side.  Definitely not worth the $10 we paid.  After finishing our food, we went onto the internet and found out that the place we were looking for was called Jawz.  So, we will have to check that out another day.

After lunch we decided to lay down for a nap.  I couldn't fall asleep, so I ended up working on today's journal for a while.  After Randy woke up, we decided to go out and get a few more things.  As we had bought a big bottle of vodka at Costco, we figured we better get some more juice to drink with it.  We also went to a drug store to get some sunscreen and pick up some nail polish  While there, we found out that in Hawaii you must provide in-state ID and be 18 years or older to buys nail polish remover.  WTF?  So, apparently I am not allowed to change my nail polish in Hawaii unless I bring my own polish remover from home.  I knew that you couldn't buy cold remedies like Sudafed over the counter without having an in-state address (because that is an ingredient for crystal meth - Ya, because those that are in-state can cook up Meth but they don't want those who are out of state to - sound logic !) - but I would've never guessed in a million years that nail polish remover would be on that list as well.

Mac nut and coconut cream piesSo, we headed back to the condo and Randy grilled up some veggies to make his famous salsa.  He would've also made guacamole, but unfortunately the avocado we bought was way too firm.  While doing this, we broke into the Costco vodka.  Everything goes better with Costco vodka.

We decided to get some takeout from Da Kitchen.  As the portions looked a little large, we decided to just split a combo plate lunch (teriyaki chicken & chicken katsu).  We also got a piece of macademia nut cream pie and coconut cream pie to have for dessert.  Mmm....

We just took it easy for the rest of the evening - having a few more beverages and then going down to the pool for a night-time swim.