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Maui - Day 5 - Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Lunch at Coconuts Fish CafeWe started the day as usual - got up early, Randy went for a run, we had breakfast, then headed to the beach.  Today it was mostly cloudy at the beach.  There would be the odd peek of sun, but for the most part it was clouded over.  We stayed until noon and then left to go get some lunch (after stopping at the condo to shower off first).

We were going to go to this fish taco place in Kihei - but when we got there it wasn't there any more.  So, we ended up going to Coconuts Fish Cafe.  We had been there a couple of years ago, so thought we would try it again.  Randy ordered a mahi mahi burger, and I got the fish and chips.  Randy was quite disappointed with the amount of fish in his fish burger.  Plus, they put this big pile of cole slaw on the burger - which he did not like (there was twice as much cole slaw as there was fish, I thought I ordered a fish burger, and not a cole slaw burger).  The fish itself was tasty - but since the fish was pretty thin, the flavour got lost in the bun and toppings.  Also, for $12.95 - he thought that he would at least get some fries with the burger.  My fish and chips were pretty good.  They do a light bread coating on the fish and it doesn't taste greasy at all.  Luckily I had lots of chips with my fish - so Randy was able to have some too.

After lunch, we headed into Kahului to check out the farmer's market at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Mall.  We were looking for another pineapple as the one we bought yesterday was way overripe and mostly brown on the inside.  There were about 5 different vendors, but most of them sold the commercial Maui Gold pineapples (which you can find at Safeway), or the pineapples looked like they were going bad.  So, we decided to pass on buying anything there.  If we were going to buy Maui Gold pineapples - we might as well get them from Safeway where they were cheaper - and I need a Jalapeño.

View of sunset from above the clouds on HaleakalaFrom there, we decided to go for a drive upcountry.  We stopped into the town of Makawao, and wandered around the shops for a while.  Then we continued heading up Haleakala.  By this time it was 5:30pm, and we were trying to get above the clouds before the sunset.  We got above the clouds and finally found a spot to pull over just as the sun was starting to set beneath the clouds.  I didn't have a lot of time, so I just started shooting pictures one after another - hoping that they would turn out.  Also, it was only 57 degrees up at that altitude, and we were just dressed in shorts, so I could only stand to be outside for a few minutes.

The road up to Haleakala has a lot of twists and turns.  At that time of day there was almost no traffic at all.  It almost felt like we were in an episode of Top Gear where they drive their supercars along some fabulously exotic road that they have all to themselves.  But instead being in a supercar, we were in a convertible Ford Mustang. (major disappointment there - no drifting in the mustang)

Randy at Da KitchenAfter the sun went behind the clouds, we headed back down the volcano and into Kahului.  We were getting hungry so we decided to stop for some supper.

We had eaten at Da Kitchen in Kihei, and thought we would stop at the one in Kahului.  The one in Kihei has mostly plate lunches, and we thought that the Kahului one would be the same.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that this location had a much larger and more extensive menu.  They had a number of fresh fish dishes, so Randy ordered a panko-crusted ahi and I ordered a shoyu ginger opakapaka.  Both were very good.  Definitely would go back there again.

The restaurant was only a block away from the Krispy Kreme, so of course we *had* to go get some donuts for dessert.  The store was in the process of making their hot, fresh original glazed donuts - so of course we had to get one of those each.  We also got 4 more donuts to take home with us.  Since the original glazed were still nice and warm, we ate them right then and there.  I literally inhaled mine in about 5 seconds (or less).  So good! 

We headed back to the condo - stopping at Safeway on the way.  We had bought a pineapple from Safeway when we first arrived, and it was pretty good - so we figured we would just get another one from there.  Plus, Safeway had it on sale. 

Once back at the condo, I worked on the journal for a while, and then we went for a dip in the hot tub.  It had been a busy day, so I was off to bed by 10:00pm