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Maui - Day 6 - Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aloha and Welcome to our vacation.

Typical morning - wake up, run, breakfast, beach.  Today we had a clear sky so it was nice and sunny when we got to Little Beach.  There was a bit of a breeze, so it wasn't swelteringly hot.  We were at the beach only a short time when another couple (Karen and Lyle from Washington state) started chatting with us.  They were quite fun and we ended up visiting with them for most of the morning.  They even invited us over for their turkey dinner the next day.  But we already had reservations at the Monkeypod Kitchen.

Around noon, the clouds started drifing over the beach.  We stayed until about 1:00pm and then decided to leave and get some lunch.  We went back to the condo, showered off, and then headed to Eskimo Candy again.  I ordered the seared ahi tuna wrap again, and Randy got fish and chips this time.  Both were delicious.  After lunch, we decided to get some fish to grill up for supper (to have with the pineapple salsa Randy was planning on making).  We wanted to get some ahi - but they didn't have any.  But the gal was about to 'open' up a mahi mahi - so we decided to get that.  We had to wait about 10 minutes while she cut up some filets from the whole fresh fish.  But it was definitely worth it for taking home fish that is this fresh.

Randy grilling up ingredients for SalsaOn our way back to the condo, we decided to check out a model home in a residential development near a golf course.  The home was beautiful - so all we have to do is find an extra 900K to buy it.  But we did have a nice chat with the realtor - who works for Hawaii Life Realty (if you have seen the show on HGTV).  She did confirm for us that the people in that show have already put in an offer on a house before they are even picked for a show.  So, it's not like the people in the show are actually decided between only 3 properties.

We stopped by the condo to put the fish in the fridge, and then went to the Shops at Wailea - to see if we could find a side dish to go with our supper.  We ended up popping into the Tori Richard shop and both ended up buying some clothes.  Then we continued on to the Whalers General Store, where we were able to get some steamed rice.  Then it was back to the condo to make the salsa and then grill up the mahi mahi for supper.

Another beautiful sunsetRandy grilled up the ingredients for the salsa, and it turned out awesome again.  We had some sunset drinks, then after a bit, Randy grilled up the mahi mahi.  We plated it with the rice and the pineapple salsa, and it was SO delicious.  Yum!!  Will definitely have to do that again!

We had some more Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert, then just relaxed and watched TV.