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Welcome to Day 10 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Fruit for breakfastWoke up to a nice breeze blowing through the unit.  We finally some rambutan at the market the day before, so we had some for breakfast.  Yum!  In the past, I'm sure that we have seen tons of rambutan for sale at this time of year, but when we were asking the vendors - they all said how the rambutan season was already over.  So, either I'm not remembering correctly, or the rambutan season was early this year.  But at least we managed to find some - so that's good. Still on the hunt for some mangos but I'm thinking those are long past season too.

After breakfast, we packed up the beach bag and headed to Larsen's Beach - as it was clear and sunny out.  The good weather held out all the way up to Larsen's Beach, so we were able to hang out and enjoy the sun.  However, it was quite warm out, and was hot just laying on our towels.  So, we ended up spending most of the time standing or sitting at the water's edge because it was cooler there.

We stayed on the beach until about 1:00pm - when we started to get hungry.  So, we packed up and headed back towards our resort.  Since we were both looking a little (a lot) disheveled from being at the beach, we decided to stop at a food truck in Kapaa on the way back.

We decided to try the Tacos Al Pastor food truck (Mexican food).  The fish of the day was Ahi, so we both decided to get the fish burrito.  It was pretty good, but not as good as Monico's.  But it filled the gap, and we continued on our (disheveled) way back to the resort.

Larsen's BeachIt felt good to rinse off the salt and sand and just be out of the sun for a bit.  So, we just relaxed in the unit for a bit before going to Koloa to get a few more groceries.  The Big Save was super busy, so people seemed to be bumping into us everywhere we went.  Since we had a late lunch, we decided to just pick up some sushi from the store to have for supper later.

We came back to our unit and had some Happy Hour drinks before heading across the street to watch the sunset.  Randy did another time-lapse while I took pictures with the other camera.  The previous day when we were taking sunset pictures, all of a sudden the Nikon had issues when I tried to take pictures using the manual setting.  The pictures were all overexposed.  So, after experimenting, I found that I could take pictures if I used the Auto or Aperture priority settings.  Not sure what the problem is, but I guess I will be taking the camera in to get fixed when we get back (seems like we have camera issues whenever on vacation).  Anyway, I was able to get some decent pictures of the sunset using the Aperture priority setting.  I especially like the one that looks like a monster is eating the sun.  Randy was also able to get a really cool time-lapse of the sunset and all the people watching the sunset.  Check it out using the Videos link at the top of the page.

After the sunset we went back to our unit.  The Lego Movie was playing on HBO, so we watched that while eating Randy's guacamole.  After the movie, we had the sushi out on the lanai.  It is surprising how good even store-bought sushi is here. The winds had died down, so it was a little stuffy in the unit.  We turned on all the fans, and so that made it cool enough to go to sleep. 


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