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Welcome to Day 17 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Breakfast on the lanaiWoke up around 7:00am and had an early breakfast.  Yesterday we had picked up the fixings to make Randy's grilled pineapple salsa, so we prepped the food for grilling, and Randy went down to the barbecue to grill up the tomatoes, pineapple, jalapeno, onion and garlic.  When Randy got back, we chopped everything up.  We wanted to make the salsa because on Sunday, Randy and his dad were going on a fishing trip.  If they catch anything (fingers crossed - hopefully we don't have to go to the Big Save grocery store and buy fish), we wanted to have the salsa ready to have with some fresh grilled fish for supper on Sunday night.

After we finished with the salsa, we drove into Koloa to get some food from the fish market.  We were going to be taking a sunset cruise later in the day, and we wanted to pick up some nibblies to have after the cruise.  We picked up a Pupu Platter - which contained seared ahi, shrimp cocktail and Korean poke.  We also picked up some more shrimp cocktail and seared ahi.

We had plans to meet our friends Pat and Mike at Gaylord's for lunch.  We went into Lihue a little early to stop at the Kauai Bakery.  We ordered a banana cream pie to have with our fish supper on Sunday, and we also picked up some malasadas (donut-type goodness) to have after the cruise.

We arrived at the restaurant just moments before Pat and Mike.  The lunch special was a Santa Fe chicken sandwich with guacamole and bacon.  That sounded really good - so I ordered that.  Randy ordered the short rib beef dip, and we swapped plates halfway through because they were both so good (I think the chicken was better, so I thought it was a huge score on my part).  We had a great visit with Pat and Mike, and ended up lingering at the restaurant until around 2:00pm.

Our sunset cruise left at 4:00pm, but they wanted people to show up 45 minutes before.  So, we had a bit of time to relax before we had Randy's parents meet us at our place at 3:00pm.  The harbour the cruise was leaving out of was about a mile away.  Since we were planning on doing a good (ie: large) amount of drinking on the boat, we decided to just walk to the harbour.  Then that way no one has to worry about driving back drunk.  It only took about 15 minutes to walk there, so we got there right on time.

Randy and Janet on sunset cruiseWe boarded the boat shortly afterwards, but then had to wait for all the parties to arrive.  Once everyone was on board, we started going just before 4:00pm.  The cruise heads west first - to see a beautiful beach called Lawai Kai.  This beach is part of the Allerton Gardens, so you can only access the beach if you go on the tour, or if you arrive by boat, or if you climb down some rocks from the road.  Several movies have been filmed in this area, since it is so scenic.

After visiting Lawai Kai, the boat headed back east to cruise along the Poipu coast.  A little girl wasn't feeling well, and came to the back of the boat.  She ended up throwing up - but instead of trying to throw up into the ocean, she just threw up all over the deck.  So, the crew spent a lot of time filling buckets of water from the ocean to rinse the vomit off.  So, that cut into our drinking time because they were too busy cleaning to make drinks.  First world problem, I  know. Nearly ruined the cruise :)

But, once the boat was cleaned off, the drink service resumed, and all was well with the world again.  The sea was really calm so it was a relaxing cruise.  The cruise served some snacks - chicken wings, spinach dip with bread, pineapple and veggies. We had a clear sky for the sunset again, and we got to see the green flash again.  I managed to capture it on my camera this time.  It was a bit more difficult to take a picture of the sunset with the boat going up and down with the swells, but I managed.

As soon as the sun went down, the boat headed back to the harbour - arriving at 6:00pm.  We walked back to our resort and sat out on the lanai having the food we had picked up earlier in the day.  We had all eaten some food on the boat, but it wasn't quite enough to fill us up.  The seared ahi and shrimp cocktail was really good, and we finished it all. Including the rather large chocolate cream filled malasadas.

Around 8:00pm, Harold and Lil headed back to their place as it was going to be an early morning for the boys.  We managed to stay up until 9:00pm, but then went to bed and fell asleep almost instantly.  (the amount of booze in my system was a contributing factor in my case - the large chocolate cream filled malasada in my case)


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