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Welcome to Day 18 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Randy woke up early (5:00am) because he was going on a fishing charter (ugh... Oh-Dark-Thirty, which is never good).  I heard Randy get up and get into the shower, but I fell back asleep again until 6:30.  I assumed that Randy and his dad got away on time.

Randy with the Ono fish he caughtI fell back asleep again until 7:30 - at which time I got up (so jealous).  Spent some time downloading pictures from the previous day and working on the journal.  At 9:30, Lil and I headed into Lihue to do some shopping. 

Dad drove to Kapaa where the fishing boat departed from.  The boat was a fairly small, quite utilitarian type boat, no bathroom.  There was a captain (Terry) and a first mate (Tyler) and 4 of us tourist fishermen in total.  Terry, navigated the boat out of the river where he launches from and we were just past the break water and he sets the lines.  We went out to a buoy that is out about a mile or two from shore and he says that this is one of his favourite spots. There is no activity at all.  He starts to move away and we catch 4 Aku (aka: Skipjack Tuna), these little ones were only about a foot in length and were pretty small.  So Terry decided to head further north.  He got to another point where he indicated there was an underwater ridge, along the way, an Ono was on the line and I got to reel it in.  It`s a strong fish and took me a bit to get it into the boat, but my arms were a bit tired from reeling and working the fishing rod.  Shortly after that, there were 1, 2 then 3 fish on at the same time.  Dad and the others were reeling those in, and then the fourth line went out, so I grabbed that.  Terry was very excited about having 4 fish on at the same time.  All but one of the fish was an Ahi Tune (Yellow fin), the largest about a 40 pound Ahi.  After that it was time to make our way back to the dock.  Terry had cut up the fish and we were each given a rather large pack of an Ono fillet and an Ahi fillet.  Good times fishin`

We went to Hilo Hattie's first and I bought my usual assortment of Hawaiian calendars.  While at Hilo Hattie's we found out that there was a cruise ship in town.  So, I drove down to Nawiliwili harbour to see which cruise line it was.  It was a Holland America ship.  Up until now, the only cruise ship we would see is the weekly NCL ship that would arrive on Thursdays.  So, it looks like the start of the season for Hawaiian cruises with other cruise lines.

We then headed to the Kukui Grove shopping mall.  Wandered around the mall a bit and I ended up buying a couple more shirts from Macy's.  We stopped at the Times Market to pick up some side dishes to have with the fish that we expect the guys to catch.  Then I went to pick up the banana cream pie from Kauai Bakery that I had ordered the previous day.

We headed back to Poipu and arrived back not long after the guys got back from fishing.  Randy was actually cooling off in the pool when I got back to the room.  The fishing trip had gone well.  Randy reeled in a 15 pound Ono (also known as Wahoo).  The other 3 fishers (including Randy's dad) had brought in some yellow fin tuna.  The fish was shared between the 4 fishermen, so we ended up with a honking big chunk of tuna and a filet of Ono.

We had some leftover Chinese food for lunch then we went out to take some photographs.  We went over to the orchid garden next to the Plantation Gardens restaurant (near the Sheraton).  I took a few pictures of the flowers, then we went across the street to take some pictures of the beach.  It was quite hot out, so I told Randy that I was okay with not taking any more pictures and just going to cool off in the pool.  He had a better idea - that we should grab our gear and come back to the beach.  I was all onboard for that idea. Smart huh ?

Orchid from the orchid gardenSo, we went back to the room, changed into our bathing suits and headed back to the beach.  We laid our towels on the beach and headed straight into the water.  It was refreshingly cool.  We ended up just hanging out in the water for 2 hours.  A perfect solution for a hot day (and a vacation day).

Around 3:00pm, we headed back to the room and showered off the salt and sand.  We had a bit of time to relax, and then started getting things prepped for the fish supper we were going to prepare.  Randy's parents showed up around 5:00pm and we had drinks on the lanai.  Then we took all the food down to the pool area to have supper there (since it was cooler than our unit).  Randy cooked the Ono and tuna perfectly, and it was a delicious meal - tough to top fresh fish.

After we were finished, we went back up to the room to have drinks on the lanai.  Later on, we had the banana cream pie for dessert.  It was very yummy and tasted like it was made with apple bananas.  Around 8:00pm, Randy's parents went back to their place, and we just relaxed and hung out. After the early start to the day, I think I was asleep by 9p


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