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Welcome to Day 21 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

I had a great sleep and didn't wake up until almost 8:00am.  Randy didn't feel like going for a run, so we had a lazy kind of morning - kinda what vacations are all about !  We took our time having breakfast and then sat out on the lanai and just relaxed for a while.  It was overcast and windy again, so it wasn't really beach weather.  The sun would come out once in a while, so around 10:30, we decided to go and hang out by the pool.  We got a bit of sun, but it was mostly cloudy, so around 11:30 we went back to our room.

Randy broke out the tuna belly pieces that he had trimmed off when cutting up the tuna steaks.  The tuna belly is a very tender section of the tuna (and a bit fatty, sot its extra juicy), and we had a delicious snack.  We then decided to cook up the rest of the tuna and have it for lunch.  We had some rice and some Ono left over, so we had that as well.  The fish was still as awesome as when we had it earlier. Nothing beats fresh fish !

After lunch, we decided to head to Kapaa to check out the Aloha Images gallery again.  We had a great talk with the owner (Stu) and really liked a couple pieces of an artist called Lyon Hamilton.  However, we didn't end up buying anything. 

Janet at Wailua FallsOn our way back to Poipu, we decided to go check out Wailua Falls.  These are the falls that were in the opening credits of the old show "Fantasy Island".  I think the last time we had been to Wailua Falls was 20 years ago (the first time we came to Kauai together).  Last time, you just pulled off the side of the road and viewed the falls from behind a chain link fence.  Twenty years later, they have a paved parking lot and a nice lava rock wall to view the falls from (things improve with time - No ?).

We got to Poipu just in time to hit the Culinary Market at Kukuiula Shops.  This market is more than just a farmer's market - in that they have people that sell pasta, pie, soup, breads, etc. as well as fruit and vegetables.  We were low on fruit, so we bought a papaya and some bananas for our breakfast the next day.

Got back to the resort around 4:00pm, and finished packing up our box that we leave here on the island.  We took it over to reception for the pick-up at 4:30pm.  Normally we would keep our box until we checked out of the resort.  But since our check out day is Thanksgiving, the guy we store our box with had asked for an early pick-up.

Around 5:00pm, we decided to head back to Kukuiula Shops and go to Merriman's Gourmet Burger and Pizza for supper.  We invited Harold and Lil to join us, but they were going to finish off the rest of their fish instead.  We got to Merriman's with 10 minutes left on the Happy Hour.  So, we both ordered a Mai Tai, and got some Truffle Fries and an Ahi Avocado pizza to share.  Our waiter was also nice enough to let us order a second round of Mai Tai's (to be brought out later), but would charge us the Happy Hour price Score !.

The Ahi Avocado pizza had raw tuna, avocado, onions and a wasabi cream sauce on it.  It was tasty, but we expected the pizza crust to be warm.  It was also a little on the dry side as the wasabi cream sauce was only drizzled over the pizza.  But, it didn't stop us from eating it.  The Truffle Fries were delicious.

After supper, we wandered around the shops for a bit, then went to Lappert's to have dessert.  We had a frequent customer card that had been filled up on previous trips, so we were entitled to a free ice cream.  As we had never filled up a card before, I didn't know exactly what we could get, so I asked the server.  He said that I could basically get any ice cream I wanted.  So, we settled on getting a two-scoop waffle bowl with coconut caramel macadamia nut ice cream.  It was good for sharing, and was a good finish to our supper.Mmmmmm Ice Cream !

Then it was back to our place, where we watched TV and finished off our big bottle of Costco vodka.  I think I managed to stay up until 9:30pm before I had to go to bed.  It was a good day


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