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Welcome to Day 4 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Breakfast on the lanaiWoke up early (again).  Had bagels and fruit for breakfast out on the lanai. Fruit consisting of pineapple, papaya, orange, lilikoi, and banana - just sayin'.   Decided to head up to Larsen's Beach for the morning.  Got there around 9:30 and enjoyed the fact that it was slightly overcast.  Hung around until around 11:30.  The sun had come out, and it was a little intense on our lily-white skin (well, in my case - not so much in Randy's case).  We headed back to the resort, showered up and then headed out for some lunch.

Went to the nearby Monico's Taqueria for some Mexican food.  The fish of the day was Ahi, so Randy had the fish burrito, while I had fish tacos.  Both were excellent and filling.  We then headed into Lihue on a quest to find some raw cane sugar.  Randy likes the raw cane sugar for his coffee in the mornings.  However, we had tried Safeway, ABC Store and Long's Drugs in Kapaa - but was not able to find the smaller (tourist/gift size) sugar.  So, we thought we would go to the Long's Drugs in Lihue.  This store did have the small container of sugar - but it was the last one on the shelf.  Maybe there is some world-wide shortage of cane sugar that I am unaware of.

We also wandered around the the mall a bit - checking out clothes at Macy's.  Didn't find anything that we must have, so we headed back to the resort.  It was quite overcast when we got there, and we were tired, so we lay down for a nap.  Vacation naps are awesome !

Got up around 4:30pm, and Randy broke open the giant bottle of vodka that we had bought at Costco.  We had some vodka and guava juice and finished off the excellent guacamole that Randy made the day before.  Around 6:30pm, we decided to head out to get some supper.  We weren't hugely hungry, so we walked the few blocks to the Shrimp Station and shared a meal of coconut shrimp.  This was much better than the coconut shrimp that we had on Oahu. 

I went back to the our room, while Randy popped over to the Safeway to get some aloe and more juice.  I was starting to get a sore throat (Randy had been sick for a few days), so I spent a little time working on the journal, then went to bed early. I think it was 7:30

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