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Welcome to Day 6 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Managed to stay up until 10:00pm last night.  Look at me, I'm such a party animal!  Woke up at 8:00am and saw that Randy had been very ambitious and gone out to a 7:00am yoga class.  I just relaxed and read a book until he got back.  Was feeling a lot better today, but still had a bit of a sore throat and a cough.

Orchid Alley in KapaaIt was raining when he returned, so we had breakfast and then discussed what we should do for the day.  The rain eventually stopped, so we decided to pack up our beach bag and head North to see what the weather was like.  We drove for a bit, but it looked like the weather was the same up there, so we turned around and came back. 

We stopped in Kapaa and wandered around the shops.  There was an art gallery that I had wanted to check out and in the process there were a number of local artists works that were fabulous.  We came across Orchid Alley - which is this little area behind some shops that has all sorts of orchids for sale.  I had no idea this place existed.  Too bad they don't ship to Canada - as there were some amazing flowers there.

When we were finished checking out all the shops, we headed to Tiki Tacos for lunch.  We got one fish taco and one chicken taco and shared them.  This place had really good reviews on Yelp.  I found the tacos to be good, but not the best I've had.  They were good value for money - as they are only $6 each, and one taco each was enough for us.

Since the weather was still overcast and blustery, we decided to stop by the resort and pick up our camera.  Thought we would maybe go to some of the water falls and take pictures.  The Kuhio Highway was extremely backed up, so it took us quite some time to drive from the resort to Opaeka'a Falls.  We stopped for some pictures and then decided to continue up the road to see what was there.

Opaeka'a FallsThe road led us to a residential area that is behind Sleeping Giant.  Very lush and green, with windy roads.  We followed one road to the end, then took another road that went in behind Sleeping Giant back into Kapaa town.  So, it was a nice little drive.

We went back to the resort, and with the weather still being crappy, we lay down for a nap.   Woke up around 4:30pm and decided that we would go out for supper to Kintaro (which is our favourite sushi restaurant).  It can be quite a busy place, so we headed over around 5:30pm to make sure we could get in.

We didn't have any trouble getting in right away, but noticed that there were a number of large groups that came in while we were there.  We got our usual gyoza (so good) and a few sushi rolls.  We were not able to eat all our food - there were two pieces left of the soft-shell crab roll that we just could not eat.  So, our waiter brought a small container so we could take it home. Rental car is riding a bit lower than when we went to Kintaro.

We were very full from supper, so we went for a little walk around the resort when we got back.  That helped to digest all the food we ate. (Mentally it might have helped, but I still felt very full from all the wonderful sushi !)  However, it didn't help me wanting to go to bed at 8:00pm. I shamefully made her stay up until 9p.


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