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Welcome to Janet and Randy's Kauai 2022 Adventures

With the Pandemic, we aren't traveling as much as we used to.  We hope this will change starting with this trip.  Our last trip was over 6 months ago, and it does feel like it's forever ago... 

When we normally go to Kauai, we stay at our timeshare resort.  And this time, because we (Janet mainly) was planning ahead, we were able to book our resort and spend 2 full weeks there.  We love our timeshare resort and it feels like coming home whenever we stay.  Randy's parents will be on the island at the same time as well - so we were looking forward to some fun time in the sun with family and of course meeting up with our friends on island.

We've done more than a couple of trips to Kauai over the past years, and we absolutely love the island and the culture.  Be sure to read our prior trips if this one interests you. 

As in the past, this Journal is primarily Janet's creation with the exceptional of the odd comment thrown in by Randy highlighted like this - just to keep Janet honest.

Way, way, way back... We started keeping our Journal online.
Check out our very humble beginnings, when we went to Kauai in 2001 (Hapa + Haole @ Lawai). 
(the first journal is pretty crude, but you get the drift)
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