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Welcome to Janet and Randy's Tahiti cruise adventures 2019

This will be our second time going to Tahiti.  We were in the Society Islands way back in 1998, when we took a chunk of time and toured through Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji.  This is the first time that we will have done a cruise through French Polynesia.  We will be on the cruise with Randy's parents and few family members.  So this should be an interesting experience.  We'll be sure to carve our a few moments for ourselves and go off and check out the beauty of French Polynesia.  We think the cruise will be filled with amazing sights.  Tahiti won't disappoint, we're sure of that.

We decided to take the long way in getting to Papeete, so we are making a couple of stops prior to the cruise.  We'll spend a couple days in Melbourne Australia, likely sampling some awesome food and wine, and checking out the scene.  We've been to Melbourne once before and loved it.  Can't wait to be in this vibrant and cultural city again.  We are also making a stop in Auckland, New Zealand.  Again it was over twenty years since we've been in Auckland and we are certain that we will hardly recognize it.  Again, we'll be checking out the food and wine scene in Auckland.  We are certain that were will be more than a couple of photos of food, fun, festivities and frolicking.   

We hope you enjoy reading and following along with us as we make our way through this really amazing adventure.

As in the past, the Journal is primarily Janet's creation with the exceptional comment thrown in by Randy (highlighted like this - just to keep Janet honest).

Janet will also be doing some hotel, lounge, ship and flight reviews, and will be updating her travel review blog throughout the trip as well.  So, check that link during and after the trip for her reviews!

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