Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Woke up at 6:30 to some idiot slamming doors. Not just one slam, mind you, but several in a row. It’s like he (or she) left their room, then went back in, then left their room, then went back in. All the while, letting the door slam behind them and not even attempting to close it themselves out of courtesy of OTHER PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP. Sigh.

The unit doesn’t have AC, so the windows are open to get the breeze. The Slamming of door was really not a good thing for both Hapa & Haole.

Went to the Owner’s Meeting in the morning. It was quite informative. We learned a little more about what is happening with the resort, and what sort of upgrades and changes they are planning.

After the meeting, we headed into Lihue. Went to the Kapaia Stitchery. We ordered a custom-made table cloth. Hopefully it will be ready before we leave (otherwise, they will ship it). We also bought this gorgeous Hawaiian Quilted tree skirt. So, our tree is going to look very tropical this year.

We headed to Fish Express to get some lunch. I ordered the macadamia crusted Opakapaka, and Randy had the Ahi in a guava basil sauce. We took our food and drove down to Ahukini Point and sat in the car and ate it while looking out at the waves. Both meals were very yummy.

Could fish get any better than this ?

After lunch, we drove back to Poipu, and headed over to Mahalepu beach. Drove down some country roads that we hadn’t checked out before. Then we went back to the resort for our 2:30 meeting with the gal from RCI Points. This is a program that we could join and use ‘points’ to trade for various different things (not just trading timeshare weeks). Well, it all sounded well and good until the gal said that there is a ‘one-time’ cost of $2635 (US). Eeek! That is a little pricey! Especially considering the exchange right now. I don’t think that we are going to go for it.

We went into Koloa and picked up some more food to go with the Ahi we bought for supper. Randy went down and barbequed the Ahi, while I stayed up in the room and cooked the rice and veggies. It was wonderful having fresh fish!

We also opened up a bottle of Belvedere chardonnay, and sipped on that during the evening. It made us a little lethargic, so we just ended up staying in for the night.

BBQ’d Ahi Tuna & a nice Chardonnay. Hapa is now happy with the vacation.

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