Friday, November 9, 2001

Had the noisy neighbours wake us up again before 6:00am. I think the noisy neighbours were checking out, so at least we donít have to listen to them anymore.

We felt energetic, so we went out for a nice long walk. We walked around some rental properties and picked up a bunch of different leaflets about each of them. There are sure a lot of rental properties around here. If you were travelling with a group of people, then it would probably be more cost-efficient to just rent one of these houses, instead of staying in a hotel or condo. But, it is still a little too expensive for just the 2 of us.

I wish every morning could start like this...

Came back to the room and had some breakfast. Then, since we were still ambitious, we grabbed our snorkel gear and went across the street to do some snorkelling. The waves were a little choppy and the visibility wasnít that great, but we were able to see a number of fish, including a really bizarre fish that was like a cross between a needle-fish and a dog.

After snorkelling, we showered up and went across the street to talk to Ralph, the timeshare resales guy. We just wanted to know what our unit was worth if we ever wanted to sell it, and also to find out what some of the other units in the resort are worth. He toured us into some units in the other buildings, so that we could see what they were like. It would be nice to buy a place in one of the other buildings, but with the Canadian dollar hitting record lows, I donít think that this is the opportune time to be making a big US purchase.

Yup thatís that way it was.

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