Friday, November 16, 2001

Woke up to another glorious day. Since we had decided to change our return flight, we needed to change a few of our other travel plans. We went to the airport and had our inter-island Aloha flight changed to be Monday morning instead of Sunday night. Randy went to Dollar to confirm that we had the rental car until Monday morning. We also stopped in at the Lae Nani to extend our current reservation an additional night.

After that, we headed north. Stopped in at Anini Beach to see what the water was like. It looked nice, but we decided to continue on to Hanalei. Once we arrived there, we found the art gallery that sold art by Kim McDonald. We had seen some of her work when we went to Coconuts Grill, and wanted to check into it further. She had some really nice work, but it was more than we wanted to spend. We were getting hungry, so we checked out some of the restaurants in Hanalei. Nothing jumped out at us, so we ended up going to Bubba’s for some burgers again.

We headed south and decided to go check out the Queen’s Bath in Princeville. This is a little natural pool in the lava rocks. It was quite a hike down the hill to get to the ocean. Then it was a bit of a walk across the lava rocks to the Queen’s Bath. The waves were quite rough on the North Shore, so it didn’t look like the nice tranquil pool like it depicted in the guide book.

Queens Bath

Some locals went in, but Hapa wasn’t daring enough to face the 15 foot waves crashing in. Hapa wasn’t smokin’ Paka Lo Lo !

The hike back up the hill was quite tiring and hot. After exerting myself in the heat, I didn’t feel that well after we got back to the top. But, I lived. We continued on south to Larsen’s Beach. Randy wanted to go down to the beach, but since it was another long walk, I didn’t really feel up to it. So, we drove back to the condo, put on our suits and went for a swim in the pool to cool off.

For supper, we thought that we would try Tomkats Grill in Koloa. I had a Mahi Mahi sandwich, and Randy had a Paniolo chicken sandwich. The description for the Paniolo chicken sandwich stated that the sandwich was ‘smothered in barbeque sauce’. Randy asked the waitress whether this meant that the sandwich was really messy. She said no – there wasn’t that much sauce on it. However, when his sandwich arrived, and he went to take a bite, the barbeque sauce literally streamed out of the sandwich. Obviously the waitress’s definition of a ‘messy’ is a little different than ours. Both of the meals were pretty average. There was a cat wandering around the restaurant, and would come and sit right next to your legs and look up at you with these big eyes. So, we ended up giving it some chicken and fish.

Since we were leaving the Lawai Beach the next day, we spent the rest of the evening packing everything up.

“Haole come sit on this suitcase so I can zip it up”

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