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Welcome to Day 16 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Went to bed early the previous night, so woke up before 7:00am.  Randy went out for a run, while I tried to go back to sleep.

After the run, we had breakfast, got ready and headed out.  We had bought a quilt from Macy's and were thinking about mailing it home.  So, we went to the Post Office in Koloa.  We found out it would cost $41 to mail the quilt home, so we decided to think about it (that is almost half of what we paid for the quilt - having a hard time justifying the postage).  We might end up being to fit it in our luggage, so we will only mail it if absolutely necessary.

SunsetWe then headed north to Larsen's Beach.  It was a bit cloudy when we first got there, but it did clear up.  We didn't end up staying very long (just over an hour) because we started to get hungry and wanted to get some lunch before we hit the Farmer's Market in Lihue at 3:00pm.  We left the beach around 1:00pm and headed to Monico's Taqueria to have some Mexican food.  We normally order the fish dishes (fish tacos or fish burritos), but thought we would try something different today.  I ordered the chicken mole enchiladas and Randy got a carnitas (pork) burrito.  My chicken mole was quite delicious, and Randy thought it was better than his carnitas burrito.  But, that didn't stop him from eating all of it (I was hungry !).

We had a bit of time before having to head to the market, so we went to the nearby Safeway to get a few groceries.  We then headed into Lihue and arrived at the market about 10 minutes before it started.  You are not allowed to actually buy anything from the vendors until the 'official' whistle blows, so we just wandered around to scope out what was available.  I don't know if my watch is out - but the whistle blew at 2:55pm, instead of 3:00pm.  I was quite surprised, and I think some of the vendors were too - as some were still in the process of setting up.  But, that didn't stop us from buying some fruit - nor any of the other the hordes of people.

Randy & Janet at Keoki's ParadiseWe had just finished getting everything we needed when we ran into Randy's parents.  We spent some time with them helping them to find the items that they were looking for.  Then we headed home to rinse off the salt and sand and relaxed for a bit.  Around 5:00pm, we headed over to Randy's parents' place to have some drinks.  The sky was completely clear of clouds for the sunset, so about 10 minutes before sunset, we went out to check it out.  When there aren't any clouds, you can sometimes see what is known as a 'green flash' just as the sun completely disappears below the horizon.  With the clear skies, we were able to see it again this time. 

Once the sun had set, we headed over to Keoki's Paradise for some supper.  We all had some Mai Tai's and Randy and I shared some appetizers.  We had the Poke Tower and the Kalua Pork Spring Rolls.  Randy's folks each had the fish and chips (mahi mahi was the fish).  The food was delicious, and everyone was too full to have any dessert.

After supper we went back to Randy's parents' place and had some more Mai Tai's on their balcony.  It had been a warm day, and after a couple of cocktails, I was pretty beat, so around 8:00pm we headed back to our room and chilled out for the rest of the night.

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